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    Qcharts thread....
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    Qcharts data off by a factor of 100 this morning. Refund! ;)
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    Qcharts claiming bad data this a.m. is a comstock issue. Interested to hear from anyone who gets a feed from comstock...how's the naz data?
  4. m_c_a98


    I use Qcharts/Ravenquote and the Nasdaq quotes are off today 2 decimal places. I'm trading off Time/Sales and Nasdaq futures currently so this problem hasn't hindered me today but it is kind of annoying.
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    Today: Monday, August 20th (Last Update – 09:30 ET)
    Attention subscribers. There is an issue affecting the NASDAQ data feed. It is affecting the decimal placement and rendering NASDAQ unusable at this time. The Development team is working to resolve this ASAP. We apologize for issue.

  6. ktm


    It actually started late Friday night...I had some decimals creeping in to the right side and it worsened over the weekend. I thought they would get it resolved by this morning. I guess I should know better by now.
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    yeah, not all that concerned myself (nazzy doing that flat-line thang)...

    but note that this problem was evident even on Saturday...one would figure they'd care enought to get a technician on the problem before the monday open; or, maybe not <g>
  8. Fletch


    This is just another example of the crappy service that Lycos has to offer... Qcharts is one disaster after another. I'm sure everyone remembers the decimalization problems... took weeks to get it straightened out. You can't tell me they didn't know this change was coming... Ya, sure... just like they didn't know about decimalization. Everyday my charts are delayed on the opening. It's hard to believe they could do soooo bad for soooo long.

    When Eric's new GenV datafeed is online then asta la vista, Qcharts!

  9. Fohat



    I use comstock datafeed through Quicken Quotes Live (qql.quicken.com) and there are no problems whatsoever with naz data feed today.

    I suggest you ask for refund. But even if you get a refund, Qcharts will not likely honor it (at least it didn't mine). I had constant datafeed problems for many months with Qcharts(data lagging, servers down) until I switched to Nextrend and Quicken Quotes Live. What a difference - rocksolid datafeed. I haven't had such problems since.

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    "When Eric's new GenV datafeed is online then asta la vista, Qcharts!"

    amen brotha...
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