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  1. NKNY


    Qcharts will not let me run it on my other pc at the same time. I remember I used to be able to do this last year on another pc ....Is it me or is this new policy...?

  2. lundy


    not so new policy, they stopped doing that sometime last year cause people were sharing passwords, and their network couldn't handle the traffic.
  3. That's been their policy since the beginning (you pay for one user name - you use it on one machine at a time).

    They just used to have a hole in their server authentication that you could game by connecting two PCs to different quote servers. They fixed it about a year or so ago.
  4. NKNY


    Ok, thanks for the info

    thought I was screwing somthing up...


  5. sammybea


    Is it me.. or is qharts severely lagging?
  6. Q-charts lagging?? ... Nah, never heard that before.:)
  7. sammybea,

    I have QCharts as a stand alone on one pc and its not lagging at all.

    However, when I log off that pc and log-in to QCharts on my other pc with some programs running in the background (anti-virus, firewall and other stuff)...it lags as usual during volume spikes.

    Thus, what programs do you having open or running in the background while QCharts is open on the same pc?

    QCharts is too sensitive in my opinion to be running at the same time with other stuff...

    something someone at Lycos told me they are aware of the problem.

    Yet, fixing such a problem is a whole different issue for them...been going on far too long.

    P.S. Common problems with QCharts lagging are a few of Norton products and ZoneAlarm.

    Simply, try running QCharts on one pc as a stand alone for a few weeks all by itself to see if it still has lag problems.

  8. Q-charts is ok for the price but they have some problems that really piss me off. Often lagging or else data flow dies completely. Switch servers and you are usually back in action. Another thing that drives me crazy is when me and another Qcharts user are looking at the same chart on the same time frame and trying to discuss a trade on the phone but we are seeing different data. Today during trading we were discussing the Nasdaq Tick and his charts were 20-40 points different than mine. What the hell is that?
    May the trading gods have mercy on us all. :confused: :mad:
  9. maxpi


    The data can be different from one server to the next.

  10. My q Charts data is almost always identical to my IB data. No lag at all.

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