Qcharts, will it survive comstock takeover?

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    Interactive Data(Esignal) to acquire S&P Comstock(a.k.a. QChart data provider)
    16 January 2003 - Interactive Data is to acquire real-time market data outfit S&P Comstock from the McGraw Hill Companies for $115 million in cash.

    The acquisition of Comstock fills a gap in Interactive Data's financial information coverage with the provision of real-time market data from stock exchanges and other sources worldwide.

    Stuart Clark, president and chief executive officer of Interactive Data says: "ComStock specialises in the provision of real-time market datafeeds, which will fit well with Interactive Data's provision of end-of-day, snapshot and historical data services, covering more than 3.5 million securities."

    He says that revenue and operational synergies between the ComStock business and both the institutional and retail segments of Interactive Data Corporation will generate a 20%-25% Ebitda return on investment within two to three years.

    Assuming the transaction closes at the end of February 2003, the company expects the ComStock business to contribute in the range of $50-$55 million in revenues in 2003.

    Massachusetts-based Interactive Data is itself 60% owned by Pearson.
  2. I thought spcomstock only provided the options data feeds to lycos (ie qcharts)
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    who do they get there stock data from? I thought it was comstock.
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    Tradestation is switching away from Comstock. I don't know if it is related to the change of owners or not. I don't see how Qcharts would be affected unless the price of data changes under the new management. Qcharts data problems aren't all traceable to Comstock in my opinion, their server farm seems to have problems, the more you dig into the data the more you see it.

    My ideal charting software/data combination: Qcharts and direct feed to exchanges. I would pay a lot more for that than the current setup or for any other charting software. I had to drop my qcharts subscription recently because I switched to a whole 'nother data feed and charting setup and did not want to pay for redundant charting capabilities. I really miss those Qcharts, global cursor, nice graphics, excellent layout of the controls, etc. If Qcharts folds I truly hope somebody else picks up the software package.