Qcharts w/cbot and cme?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by easyrider, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Are any of you using qcharts with cbot and cme input? If so how is the quality? I know qcharts lags a little at times. I can live with that but if its real bad from these exchanges, that would be a problem. Im not talking about the eminis but the full feed.
  2. nitro


    QCharts has historically been atrocious.

    However, they recently claimed to have upgraded their servers and datacenter, so they may be considerably more reliable.

  3. Diode


    I've traded grains, currencies, bonds, Eurodollars, lumber, and of course the eminis, and I've never had a problem with QCharts' real-time feed for any CME or CBOT contracts. Their end-of-day data sucks, and they aren't always good about maintaining their historic data integrity, but in my experience you can trust the real-time feed.

    Of course you'll get some bad ticks from any pit-traded contracts due to the human input factor, but they get corrected fairly quickly and you'll see both the original bad ticks and the corrected ticks on your charts.

    Quote.com uses S&P Comstock as their data provider, so they are inherently only as accurate as S&P Comstock.
  4. Thx. I didnt know they were using SPComstock. Thats a pretty good feed.
  5. Pretty much my experience as well. Servers do get bogged down, forcing you to switch, once in a while, but it takes only a couple of seconds. I would use a backup data source, such as the IB feed, to confirm prices for trading. QCharts is not perfect but it offers a lot for the money compared to the competition.