Qcharts vs. Realtick

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    I think i reached a point in my trading that i need professional software. Sick of the delays of data during crucial high volume time periods with qcharts. Is Realtick a better alternative? Price is not a concern, but reliability during ALL times of the day is priceless for me. Any thoughts?
  2. if price is no concern go Real Tick...but it may be your connection that is causing the delays....
  3. myTrack is very good for ME. I had no problems over the last
    2 years, except to short cutoffs. But, I heard, others had
    problems with myTrack. However, for me it was even more
    stable than RT.
  4. Realtick is stable
  5. There were BIG troubles through some times; but it should be
    very OK now
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    tm direct is right,it's may be the connection,if not change the server of the q chart when you have delay.
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    I wish it was simply that.. I have a business dsl connection in Manhattan running me around 200 dollars a month. Its a little excessive on the cost side, but it rarely goes down, and faster than cable on all those "speed" tests.

    The real problem is when the spooz takes off suddenly that qcharts can't keep up with the surge in data for about 5 seconds. How can any pro stand for this? The whole idea is to take advantage of a move. But if my broker is quoting one price and qcharts another... its frustrating. I am hoping that Realtick doesn't have this problem, althought i will be giving up those pretty charts Qcharts has.
  8. Recommend Realtick or Esignal
  9. Make sure you are not just annoyed with the inconvenience versus lost opportunity. No one has a user interface as clean as QCharts.
  10. At least with QCharts you have an indication of the delay. I use it for the charts but rely on the broker quote for the trade. It's very helpful to have both so you can compare and see if something is out of whack.

    The connection delay is not usually a matter of your dsl line but some intermediate router getting jammed up. Run a tracert and you will see where the delay is. With QCharts I do believe that most of the slowdowns are caused by their servers.
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