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    I'm in the process again of finding a charting program/data feed.

    For the past 8 years~ I have used Qcharts on and off. Everytime I was in the market of finding a charting program I ended up going back to Qcharts.

    I'm in the market again for a charting program.

    What I want to do is to start trading slow at the start; meaning I want to manually test my ideas and do alot more paper trades then real trades.

    What I need is a easy to use; visually appealing charting program; with lots of back intra-day data to work with.

    For the past week I have been scouring the boards and software websites in search of a program that will fit my needs.
    (In reality I was looking for something like Qcharts or perhaps something better (better potential data feed, and the ability with a play-back function, and cheeper).

    I looked at a few different options such as:

    Ensign - Nice price; so so charts; has a playback; not sure if it's functionality would fit my needs

    Ninjatrader - Never really got a chance to fool with the charts; it looked like it had some really nice features ie the DOM screen; and this might work really with r/t trading (with IB). I'm not sure if I could get it to work with 'simualted intra-day' trading - but if I could then I would look at purchasing this for use with 'paper trading' and r/t.

    Right Edge - The program looks nice; but it has some issues (ie still in beta) and I dont think it will fit my needs.

    Multicharts - I couldn't get it to work; I found a beta to try (I emailed for a free trial but never got a return response); but still couldnt get the beta to work.

    Tradestation - Their charting program looks decent; and from what I understand they have a nice database of intra day data. But I'm not interested in opening a new brokerage acct somewhere (happy with IB).

    In the past I looked at other programs; but their charting was lacking.

    So I'm looking at Qcharts again.

    1. I know they were bought out by esignal; and I would think this is a good thing although time will tell. Previously Qcharts support was very lacking; and I was getting fed up with the feed at times.

    Alot of times I would start out on one feed and then after a time it would change to a orange signal bar (ie poor signal); I'd go to change and the change would take; sometimes 1-3 mins, and many times that feed would be just as bad.

    2. So how has Qcharts been lately? (since the buyout). How's the feed; how's the support. I've read all the messages at the esignal forum - so I have an idea of what is instore for the future.
    I have also read most of the Qcharts recent threads here on ET.

    3. I was a bit concerned this morning when I read that esignal is going to charge now if you want to see delayed data (for things that you are not subscribed too - I'm wondering if they are going to nickle and dime the price up). Sometimes I just wanted to pull a chart up for a friend or just to see what's going on (not with the intention of trading r/t; but now no chart at all will come up and I'll have to pay a extra fee to do this.

    4. It's good to see that Qcharts will be getting some international futures, mini energy and forex (I really hated having to go to other sources to chart those when I felt that for the price I was paying for Qcharts that I should be able to chart them) ... although when these things will be coming is the question.

    So my main question for the current Qchart users are: How's the program doing? still lots of problems with the feed?, you still happy with your investment every month? you happy with the future direction of Qcharts (as outlined on the esig forum)?

    And for my needs as outlined above do you think it will be the best fit for me (obviously I like how the program handles charts if I have used them on and off for the past 8 years).

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    Noone with qcharts care to comment?
  3. If you are still interested Multicharts now has the ability to replay and set markers where you would’ve traded. You can select the date you would like to start your playback along with Min by Min or Day by Day Charts.

    We were able to use this to review several trades and it was very helpful. They still offer free 30 day trial therefore you should be able to get this trial and try the playback for free (if you have not already took the free trial).

    Hope this helps.

  4. I use QCharts for futures mainly, and it has been pretty solid. They do tend to nickle and dime you on the fees, very annoying, so annoying in fact I was looking at using ninja or maybe multicharts but haven't gotten around to doing so. What I like about QCharts is the ease of operation. No having to mess around with backfill, etc.