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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by billp, Jun 10, 2006.

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    In qcharts, can I specify the time period (eg: from 3/6/06 to 7/6/06) to see the 'time and sale'?

    I'm trying qcharts now but it seems that they only allow you to key in a date and time? If I key in the date as 3/6/06, does it mean that I can see the 'time and sale' from 3/6/06 till present?
    Am not able to check on this myself as my time and sale is currently giving me no data.

    Thus help greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. billp


    1 more question.

    Qcharts have quite a number of servers (31 servers). My level II is blank (only shows level I information). I was told to switch server.

    Is there any particular server that is more stable that will show the level II information? Thanks
  3. I gave up on Qcharts about 6-7 years ago. Going by what I read since, things haven't improved at all.
  4. JayF_eSignal

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    Yes, this is possible within an approximate 60-day window, which is the amount of Time & Sales data that QCharts carries. Keep in mind that the feature is "Go To Time/Date" vs. a range of dates, so if you specify a date/time of 4/20/06, 9:30am, it will download all data from today back to 4/20/06, and then take you to 9:30 on that day.

    As far as your question about Level II, it appears you were looking at the window on Saturday, when the markets were closed. Typically, during this time only a minimal amount of data is available. If you were to look at the Level II display now (and you are subscribed to that service,) you should be able to see the full market depth display no matter the server.

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    Thanks for the reply but I've been trying to get the Level II and time and sales during market hours on weekdays and it still does not work. Have tried changing servers etc and still fails. I can get the charts but not the Level II and time and sales. When I called, I was told to just change to any servers that are somewhere in the middle of the list of servers.

    Can you specify a particular server that is more stable or that is more likely I can get the data?
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    I have been able to get Level II and Time & Sales data on every server I have checked, but I still may not have hit the same server(s) and symbols you have tried. It seems that it might be better to take this offline as I'll need further details like QCharts username, symbols you are tracking, and the server(s) you have been on. Please PM (Private Message) me this information at your convenience.