Qcharts still sucks

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by svtrader, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. even with all their supposed improvements that were put in place this month.

    Data lags and frequent server switching make it a real hassle. On top of that the latest version took a couple of chart features away. But for my needs the charts still beat everything out there.

    Is there a Qcharts rep on ET who could respond to comments/questions?
  2. what chart features were removed? I haven't upgraded and maybe don't want to.
  3. OK, these might be trivial features to some, but I was using them.

    On a data window, if you had moving averages on the chart, the data window would show you the value of the moving avg, now it no longer does.

    Also, you can no longer resize or reduce the Qcharts window on your CRT, it fills it up. Sometimes, I like to split my CRT screen between IB and a chart for ES, which is fine on just half the CRT screen.

    There may be other bugs , but in 2 days theese are the ones I found. I was perfectly happy with an earlier version, but if you call them for tech help or disconnect problem they more or less force you to upgrade to the latest version.
  4. Glad I threw my Qcharts in the garbage can now almost 4 years ago. From what I red in the meantime it is going from very bad to worse.
  5. maxpi


    You have to tell the moving average study to report to the data window. Right click on chart, click studies, then moving average, then edit then click on the box "report values in cursor data window".

    I am having no trouble at all resizing the window. I'm just using the standard windows operating procedure that has been with us since windows 3.0.

    But the data still sucks. I see no reason to hold out any hope that it will ever not suck. Management would have to commit to fixing up all the problems. They have been adding server farms recently but the problems don't go away. I use the program just for research and for convenience but I started noticing months ago that intraday volume data could be WAY, WAY off for some reason, it could actually be in the chart program, I don't care anymore, I don't talk to their customer service at all, it is not a serious tool to work with.

    Sign up for live charts and when they have a free 30 day trial upgrade to qcharts you can cancel your qcharts subscription and get the 30 day trial the following month. It makes up for all the gotchas and insults to your intelligence and sensibilities that occur with their service.