QCharts... should I stay or should I go?

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  1. I would appreciate some advice / commentary on the merits of sticking with Qcharts after 6 years. The monthly fee just went up to $111.00 while most other products are either free or have significantly lower prices.

    I must admit... I do love my charts... but perhaps I have been just too lazy to change or shop around. If any long-time users have switched... I would appreciate your comments.

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. bit


    I got tired of QCharts bloated, buggy software a couple of years ago, so I switched back to Quotetracker.
  3. NKNY


    Used to use qcharts a while a go... Actually used them for a few years even though they they had data problems. This was before esignal bought them.

    Curious how their data is now... Do they have any problems...

    Just started running esignal... Believe it or not... I think I still like q charts but I'm afraid to try them again... Id love to hear from current users...

  4. In all fairness I have had very few data problems with them. And in fact their phone-in customer service has been pretty good. But I have not been to a "trader" show in a few years and was curious about competing platforms. I mostly trade equities and Qcharts has been a pretty good fit.

    Perhaps I just like to be "sold to" once in a while. For now, though, Qcharts will continue to get my $111/month.
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    I used qcharts for a couple years. Made the switch to trade navigator several months ago. Its really easy to use, and their customer support is the best I have seen. Monthly data cost are higher, and you may have to purchase the software outright. Its worth a try. I have had a lot of success with it so far.
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    A few years ago I switched from Qcharts to Sierra Charts with IB data feed.

    I wish all my decisions had similar results :)

    Much cheaper, much better, particularly with respect to lag and reliability.

    I am surprised they are still in business.

    Good luck.
  7. Yeah I have actually posted before on the Qcharts issues.. They did have data issues before esignal bought them out. Now it is somewhat rare to have any issues at all (lagging, customer service, etc.) If someone who currently has qcharts disagrees with that, please post your thoughts.

    I don't think many people will argue with the quality of the actual product, but it was the surrounding issues that made people switch to a "cheaper" service. But in all fairness, its not really in the same class as sierra. I have used pretty much all the charting services out there. The only thing that can really compare to Qcharts is CQG. (I think it was about 4 years ago when i tried them..) They have rock solid data, but the charts are not as clean as Qcharts.. Also, be prepared to cough up around 600 a month.
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    transitional from qchart => sierrachart felt smooth and natural. I was a qchart user too.
  9. Former Qcharts user as well. I had enough long ago and switched to these guys. Like Qcharts, Trade Navigator has both Fundamental and Technical data. Unlike Qcharts, they don't have issues with their data quality. In addition, customer service and tech support are filled with top-notch, helpful individuals.

    - Spydertrader
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