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    Now that Esignal has had time to digest the acquisition from Lycos I was wondering if a Road Map exists for the product. I remember an Esignal Rep here on the board mentioning that they would be upgrading one of the qchart data centers. Other than that I haven't heard much in regards as what to expect going forward. I can't complain it prods along without giving me any major problems to speak of for what I use it for.

    Will there be a 5.2 release of the software? Will data ticker farms eventually consolidate into existing Esignal ticker plants? I hope that they stay separate products data and all but I would be curious to some sort of update.

    Can someone enlighten qchart users as to what the future holds please?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi bsulli,

    We are drafting our 90 day write-up and current set of plans for QCharts and LiveCharts. We will be posting it to our QCharts Forum by early next week at the latest.

  3. i suggest you leave it alone. use it as a low end low cost alternative to esignal. some of us get along fine with qcharts just the way it is now.

    all you have to do is improve the server problem and you would have a good product.
  4. Why let it be a "low end" product?

    QCharts would be one heck of a charting program if international stocks and futures were added to the lineup!

  5. along with hi end will come a high price. they already have esignal for high end.
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    Thanks scott.

    Would be possible to update this thread when that has been posted to the forum. I generally have few problems that require me to visit the forum. Or if there already exist on that forum a specific thread I can subscribe to so I can get an email notice of when it's posted.

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    I already have an esignal signon name from my days as an esignal customer so I used it to sign onto the board then goto the qcharts area and it wants me to create a user. Please can that be changed so I only have to use one user name for the entire forums? I have no desires to create a second name to get on the same board.


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    As much as I would prefer like you that it be left alone I can't imagine a company that made a purchase of another to leave it as is. My personal fear is they will collapse the qcharts ticker plants into the existing esignal data farms and ticker plants and that would be going backwards to me. Even though the qcharts plants can be problematic I originally left qcharts for esignal and gave them a year and half before getting fed up with outage so I went back to qcharts. From the posts in the time since I left esignal I still see that outages are a problem. At least qcharts handles fed announcements and fast markets conditions better than esignal for my uses anyway.

  9. the only real problem with qcharts is that you never know if you are on a good server when you log on. its a crap shoot.
    i have solved that problem by making a list of servers that are almost always good and i simply start with one of those servers every morning.
  10. I think an obvious enhancement to QCharts would be adding international markets. Other than beefing up the capacity of their servers, I can't think of much else they need to do.

    If they want to ruin it, they should try to add every bell and whistle imaginable ala TradeStation and turn it into a big buggy mess. And raise the price.
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