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    It looks like people (myself included) are having not so good experience with QCharts. So the question that I would like to ask people here is this: What real time stock quote/chart service do you use or recommend? I am interested in hearing anything you have to say. Thanks in advance.
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    I've seen a few people on other message boards recommend http://www.nextrend.com/ as a decent comparison to Qcharts (atleast as far as cost), I hear they have good reliability. I won't provide any more info so Kirk won't accuse me of working for them.

  3. Dustin


    Qcharts is driving me nuts! The past week it has worked about 1/2 the time. Today it has been down since the fed announcement. Arg!
  4. kempo


    Boston 01 strong all day for me. But it has been really bad lately.
  5. xll


    I'm using NexTrend today -- no problem after the rate cut -- I could change symbols, no delay, nothing froze. My friends tell me that after the last surprise rate cut that both QQL and Qcharts had problems. NexTrend is only $10 to subscribe realtime, maybe a good idea in order to check reliability. I think it is $50/month if you include Level 2.
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    Does Nextrend's free service have real time charting? I'm looking at the website, and it says their free service has delayed quotes, so I wonder how the charting can be real time.
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    the free trial has the mini futures in realtime.

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    I suppose all Qcharts users got the same email from them that I did about how sorry they are that their service has stunk lately. I am willing to give them a few more weeks to get it worked out, particularly in light of the decimalization effect on quote streams. I would imagine all vendors are dealing with this. What concerned me was the mention that certain high volume users would be charged more, or something like that. I wonder what the qualifications will be for that? I use it mainly for the futures, so I wouldn't think that would be too much, but for some of you who have 100 stocks and multiple charts and level 2 screens...

    I guess we will soon find out.


    P.S. Jay, You are right, I can tell from your post here that you are indeed not an employee of Nextrend...thanks for clearing that up, lol.
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    Decimalization has not screwed up any other data providers reliability only qcharts.That said it has to be something else that they are unaware of or something that they are not telling anybody. Killeen letter makes me wonder what they are going to do to so called heavy users.


    Check out this forum.
  10. First, let me say thanks to all those who provide useful hints on these pages. Usually I don't post but this is important to me so I'll share it.

    Just spent an hour with QCharts tech support. They have started hiring morons. This person admitted that he was only 'reading from a script'. He knew nothing of the problem and was talking like an ignorant salesman. Now let me explain the problem.

    I have a multiple monitor set-up and I like to display different charts and quote sheets etc, simultaneously. In other words I run multiple 'Workspaces' (i.e., a .qcw data file). Unlike Excel, Word or whatever, QCharts DOES NOT allow (as far as I know) opening more than one data files (Workspaces) at the same time. The only way I knew how to do that was to run multiple copies of QCharts.exe, each from its own uniquely named sub-directory, and then each of the simultaneously running programs uses a workspace. This, of course, requires logging on (with each copy of QCharts) multiple times under my username.

    QCharts used to allow users to run multiple copies of the program (from different sub-directories) at the same time. This was the only way I knew how to run multiple 'Workspaces'.

    Now they seem to have changed their rules. The sales people told me that I need to have multiple accounts in order to do this. This genius at tech support said that according to his note I SHOULD be able to open multiple Workspaces from different directories but running QCharts only once (with a single log-on).

    Sales also told me that since Lycos has no way of knowing that I was using only one ISP and logging on from the same computer or if I had allowed all my friends to use my account from all over the country, they have simply put a stop to it.

    Now my question is, what can I do? Windows 98 will only let me display any program on only one monitor. I cannot dump everything into one workspace and simply move charts and tables from it to different monitors.

    Please give some advice. Do I move away from QCharts? Who do I go to?

    Many thanks,

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