Qcharts raising rates from $79 to $95 per month

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mmm, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. mmm


    Here's an announcemet from Qcharts, posted in the Qcharts Yahoo Groups forum at:


    Note the price increase announcement at the end of their announcment.


    From: "quotejoel" <jadvincula@q...>
    Date: Fri Feb 27, 2004 2:42 pm
    Subject: Quote Announcement

    Dear Valued Subscriber,

    The Quote.com team would like to update you on recent and upcoming infrastructure improvements, software enhancements and changes to our overall service. These changes are designed to both better serve you today and to enable us to better serve you in the future:

    Server and Architecture Enhancements:

    Server Farm Enhancements: Our new server farm in Miami, Fl. will be offering redundant feeds that provide the infrastructure needed to handle the increasing market data being delivered from the exchanges today and in the coming years.

    Architecture Enhancements: We are in the final development stages of significant software and architecture enhancements, which will significantly improve the level of service to our customers. These architectural improvements allow us to segment the data received into distinct server sets that are able to focus on segments of the market data. These changes allow us to serve the increasing amount of market data efficiently and give us the ability to handle future increases to the feed.

    New Island Feed Server: We have deployed a new version of our Island feed handler that manages the distribution of Island ECN data.

    New feed handler: We have also built a new feed handler that provides quicker recovery after failed connection.

    QCharts Product Enhancements: In addition to the significant investment made in enhancing our servers and overall architecture, the following feature additions improvements are planned for upcoming releases of the QCharts software;

    Charting Styles: Point and Figure (PNF), 3 Line Break (3LB), Renko, Kagi

    Charting Technical analysis/drawing tools: Elliot Wave, Speed Lines, Fibonacci Levels, Fibonacci Ruler, Fibonacci Grids

    General updates:

    - Streaming news updates in a new news specific window. - The addition of several new streaming real-time news services. - Integrated trading with IBD via the Auto-Trader - Integrated trading with XoomTrade - Update to Integrated trading with CyberTrader - Continuous contracts for futures/commodities - Exchange additions: FOREX, EUREX, NQLX, OneChicago, NASDAQ TotalView

    QCharts Service Price Change:

    Throughout the many years that Quote.com has offered the QCharts family of products, we have resisted raising the subscription price for the products while continuing to make a significant investment in the overall business. Effective March 1, 2004, we will be raising the price of QCharts Basic and QCharts Intermediate to $95/month and $119.95/month, respectively. This will allow us to continue to make significant investment in our infrastructure, product, and overall service. Even with the increase, our prices remain significantly lower than many of our competitors' prices.

    Office Relocation

    Lastly, as part of our strategy to increase the overall service level, focus, and commitment to our Quote.com customers, the Quote.com team will be relocated to our parent company's corporate headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. This move will in no way affect the day-to-day operations of the QCharts and LiveCharts subscription services. Quote.com server farms are located in Santa Clara and Miami, and will not be moving as part of the Quote.com office relocation

    Quote.com continues in our commitment to offer cutting edge technology and tools at the competitive prices and we sincerely thank you for your business.
  2. mmm


    Can anyone recommend alternatives to Qcharts?

    Two that have been suggested in the Qcharts Yahoo Group are TradeStation and Esignal Premier. See the link:


    They are comparable in price to Qchart Basic's new $95 / month rate.

    -- M
  3. i would pay $20 more if they would fix the lag in hi volume periods.
  4. I would pay $40 more. But right now I'm goin to pay $95 less.Cya Qfarts.:cool:
  5. nkhoi


    less qchart, more esignal?
  6. I decided to go with TS7.2. Main reason is their scanning capablities and easy language.

    I have had all of them at one point in time. Erlanger, stockwatch pro, qcharts.neoticker,ensign,esignal, and fibonacci trader. If somewhat could combine the functionality of Erlanger-Qcharts, with the easy language capablities of TS and Esignal's data then they could pretty much corner the market.

  7. I think ESignal is cheaper if you pay for a year in advance, and that was before QCharts upped their prices.
  8. Let them go and use Qchart, if they haven't figured that out yet
  9. nkhoi


    wave59 use esignal data feed and it has qscript language and its interface is like qchart.
  10. nkhoi


    they should build a volume meter and charge each user accordingly, my hunch is 10% qchart user use 90% server capacity. :D
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