qcharts -- price increase?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cornelius, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. im sorry but wtf? As expensive as it is, why has the price
    increased? It's not like the problems with the software are
    decreasing. Ive gotten rid of one of my accounts, but it looks
    like Im gonna get rid of the rest...
  2. ktm


    I think there's only about 3 or 4 of us using that POS any more. And half the symbols don't work and it lags the market most of the time. Last time I checked a few years ago it was still better than most of the others most of the time...
  3. Ditch Qcharts. Just open a tradestation account. You get the platform free if you trade just a few times a month. Why waste money on platform fees when you don't need to.
  4. I have actually tried a number of charting software and always come back to Qcharts. The data barely lags these days.. but as with ANY provider, you should have a backup. I tend to trade the eminis and daytrade NYSE and it hasn't given me any problems..

    Whatever Qcharts charges, its really a small price to pay unless you want to go with CQG or a similar provider... But then we are talking about 600-2000 dollar range.

    But i do agree that if you consider trading only a hobby, there is no need to go with Qcharts. There are several providers who will provide a free service to you. For me, i would gladly pay up.. But not with a smile. lol.
  5. How much is Quant Station? Your website mentions everything except the price.
  6. anh_ams


    I 've tried Quant Station. They still let us download it for free until 31 Jan 09.
  7. Is CQG really that expensive? Is that their monthly fee? No wonder they don't display their pricing structure on their website! :eek:
  8. How much is QCharts going up? Their service has been fairly good recently, but they did seem to be lagging last week. Also, they continue to send out spurious zero ticks every 15 minutes or so on NYMEX, causing you to have to switch chart time frames. Very annoying.

    The last time I used TradeStation was the ill-fated version 2000i, which was a total and complete disaster that screwed up my trading for months. Their customer service made IB look like Schwab. Maybe they have improved. Hard to believe they could get worse.
  9. Having used QCharts a number of years ago, I can only imagine how good it would be if it had a real data feed. Such a waste of lovely software.