Qcharts ping delay

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by NKNY, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. NKNY


    Anyone else pinging in the 6000 area.

    I cant load charts for the past 2 weeks on demand and lag time is crazy. When I change servers they are all in the 6500 area...Whats going on.....

    I just put it on newer pc and something is wrong .

    Also, anyone hear of qstart.

    Thanks people...

  2. Bsulli


    download the freeware pingplotter program from www.pingplotter.com

    ping by itself will only show that the entire path somewhere along the line is giving 6000ms responses whereas the problem maybe one of the hops along the way. Ping plotter pings(actually uses traceroute which is more accurate) each individual hop as it comes to them until it's pinging the actual IP address you after and displays them graphically for better visuals.


    Good luck

  3. must be a problem on your end. i have only had to change servers once this week(this am) my ping times average under .75. on boston 9 right now and ping time is .55
  4. NKNY


    Thanks for the info guys...

    I figured it was a problem on my end since no one was complaining like they usually do when qcharts has it's... shall we say...."moments"

    As we speak i'm 12.99 sec behind on cco9 server . Switched to bosten 9 and after my third attemt to get a different chart ...It will not load any .. and lag is now 7.51 sec...

    I'll try and figure this out

  5. I've currently got a 0.05 sec delay from Chicago.

    Try running a tracert to various servers and see if you see a common point of congestion (maybe within your ISP's net or maybe some common regional router). Traceroute traffic is prioritized lower than other traffic, so it's possible to get a false impression sometimes. But you might be able to see something common when comparing the results across multiple server locations.