QCharts no longer unlimited data! Where to get it then?

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  1. BillCh



    this is ridiculous! I just subscribed to QCharts as it provides direct integration in Weath-Lab, and UNLIMITED data. So I thought, until I was reading that they are changing it to 200 simultaneous symbols, also an email to them confirmed that. So, the whole QCharts thing is worthless now as any broker provides the same or almost the same amount of data for free (I have an account at Ameritrade where I get 80, and one at IB where I get 100+)!

    Question: Whoever of you is screening 1000 or more symbols intraday, please let me know where to get unlimited data for a reasonable price. And/or how you have setup Wealth_Lab to screen that many symbols (if your data provider has limited simultaneous data), if you are using WL.

    eSignal seems to have the same/similar restrictions, and I don’t like them at all as they acquired QCharts and are the reason why it is getting worse there at QCharts by implementing limitations which have not been there before.

    Thanks a lot for any help. I am sure there are people having the same issue with (pre-) screening all the NASDAQ, NYSE, etc. stocks intraday to filter for certain criteria!!
  2. Ezzy


    I use TC2000 for the total market scanning. $30 a month for Nasdaq and Nyse. It's EOD, but you can update during the day, it's 20 minutes delated.

    I thought at Qcharts you could only have 200 realtime quotes coming in at one time? Do you need to screen the whole market real time during the day?

    - EZ
  3. Esignal/QFarts is now becoming a real monopoly and a total rip-off. 200 lousy symbols for $100+/month!!!
  4. More about Symbol Limits

    "For more than 20 years, eSignal has been best known for our accurate and reliable data network. Ensuring data integrity is our mandate, and we continue to manage one of the best data networks in the industry. By identifying a maximum number of concurrent symbols a user can view at one time, we ensure that everyone receives reliable, real-time data.

    The majority of QCharts users use less than 500 symbols at a time; in fact, more than 75% use less than 200 symbols, and nearly 90% use less than 500. The load placed on the network by viewing more than 500 symbols at once is significant and affects all users’ experience with the product. That’s one of the reasons why data quality is significantly improving with this new release. By having a symbol limit, we ensure that network reliability stays intact for all users.

    We can also accurately forecast how many servers and how much bandwidth will be needed per subscriber. (We aim to operate at less than 50% capacity.) This proactive model enables us to stay ahead of the curve and add more hardware before the network is affected. In practice, this means that we add capacity, not just to meet demand, but to anticipate it. Our goal is not simply to fix network performance issues but to avoid them altogether.

    Our pricing packages also reflect this model. QCharts accounts will have unlimited symbols viewing 200 at a time; QCharts Plus accounts allow you to view 500 at a time. Your service can be upgraded as you need more symbols. To make an adjustment to your account, please visit Account Maintenance. For assistance with this process, please visit this KnowledgeBase article."

    SO instead of adding capacity they cap symbols and charge more if you want more. What a deal! lol:)
  5. Ezzy


    Thanks for clarifying the symbol list issue. So if you need more than 200 at a time you're screwed.

    I'm in the 75%, use less than 100 so it doesn't affect me. I can see a problem for anyone running and sorting a large list on the fly.

    I wonder if you could keep several saved lists, and switch between them to get around it?

    - EZ
  6. nkhoi

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    the old qchart with its UNLIMITED data policy is what drove them to the poor house, way back I suggested qchart charge more for heavy users but did they listen? obviously not!

  7. QCharts suffered from the same thing as ESignal does. NOT ENOUGH CAPACITY.

    But ESignal won't add capacity to provide flexibility to customers.

    No,they just want to limit symbols to increase their profit margin on existing customers, and charge higher fees to people who use more symbols.

    In other words they are saying "Our network sucks. So we'll limit your service or charge you higher fees rather than add capacity." LOL:D

    Can't wait for Esignal's next "improvement" to QCharts.