QCharts... It delivered the goods!!!

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  1. I was busy all sunday afternoon creating a similar setup than what I had with QQL for QCharts.

    I thought that once the trading day started I was going to run into problems with the feed, but that was not the case.

    In reality not only was the feed good the data was solid.

    Fast data, no hiccups, no disconnects, no bad ticks, no frozen data and at one point had about 300 stocks running.

    The charting tools are professional and the same can be said for L2, T&S and the indicators. All in all a good experience.

    One of the factors for the good feed may be my location (New York City) and the fact that I use a cable modem.

    Thanks to all for the advice.
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    I 100% agree!

    Qcharts is way underrated. However as a long time qcharts user, I know that the data is sometimes delayed, therefore, I use qcharts as my secondary data.

    I'm currently doing a study on different charting/data packages, because I want to have 2 packages... so far, I haven't found anything comparable to qcharts!! :eek:

    thats scary! not only that, but i'm finding inconsistencies in the ways charts are scaled... and particularly the way trendlines are being drawn.
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    True. I think QCharts wins "most improved" data service. Remember how awful they were 2 years ago? This isn't your father's qcharts. The service is far from perfect but is leaps ahead of where it was, and is a fair deal considering the competition.

  4. Yes I have used QCharts for several years and it has regained some of it's reliability. Unfortunately nowhere near the reliability it had in the glory years or Gibbons Burke before they sold out to Lycos.

    The issue now is whether they will improve customer service and pay more attention to improvements. If they do not I see ESignal coming on strong over the next few years. In a best case scenario ErlangerQuotes(QCharts on steroids) gets a new reliable feed.
  5. Still impressed by qcharts despite all what has been said about it. very efficient software good indicators and by far the best charts there is on the market. CQG is nit bad also but it lacks several things qchart has. (having a
  6. Having a symbol displayed on several time intervals for instance and hot lists. Compared to qcharts, esignal for the time being are like amateurs and their charts are terrible especially candle charts.
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    I've used Quote.com for data with tradestation2000i for 6 months and I've only had one problem. I've never understood all the complaints about it. I don't see any delays or disconnnects???
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    It's easy for certain discussion threads like this to get buried deep within the site as they get older, which is why its best to also post your feedback in the software section.

    Posting your experiences with software is very valuable information for other traders, so I just want to encourage those of you who have over 30 posts and who also have experience with qcharts to please post your official rating of the software at http://www.elitetrader.com/so/?action=view&SR_ProductID=32

    Also, if you have experience with any other software, go to http://www.elitetrader.com/so/index.cfm and then choose the software you would like to rate in the list to the left, and then rate it.

    Thanks for your help.
  9. I use Quote Com ($19.95/mo) for emini futures. No outages and the ticks arrive at the same time as the tick in my IB TWS.

    Those stories about delays and outages were from 2 years ago. It is much more solid now.
  10. Actually, q.com has been giving me some really noticeable delays on US stocks lately. Was great for the past few weeks, but starting yesterday I've been having some troubles for 5min periods, mostly in the AM.

    I have DSL, and have less than 100 symbols up at a time. I've tried all server farms, and all of them seemed a little rickety in the past few days.

    It's pretty unusual that I have to rely on IB for "accurate" quotes!

    Seems to be about time for qcharts to go monkeying around with their servers. I think it's been about a month since they did it last.

    Anyone else been getting qcharts data delays??
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