Qcharts + IB = ERROR

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jaiko, May 9, 2002.

  1. jaiko


    I am using Qcharts ( QCharts 4.2 version )
    and the latest Version of TWS (build 762.1,2002/03/26).
    Computer is running with WIN XP and (or) with Win2000 .

    If I am using Qcharts and TWS , Qcharts is chrashing every 20 minutes and sometimes if I am sending or canceling an order .
    Maybe thats a java problem ??? ( I am not a computer specialist)

    If somebody has similar problems PLEASE help me

    THANKS for an answer
  2. jaiko


    And my other problem is that under the circumstances described above Qcharts changes my stocklists randomly .
    That happens maybe in conseqence of the chrashes of Qcharts .
    ( otherwise in my opinion both prooducts are excellent !!! )
  3. If you're running with a cable modem and your network card is a Linksys that could very well be the problem. Mine caused all kinds of Java problems. I kept denying that an ethernet card could have an effect on Java but finally gave up and tried another brand (the motherboards' on-board LAN mfd by SiS) . . . no more crashes.

    I used to crash TWS each and every time as soon as the login was attempted and many Java sites were very problematic. This was with Win2k then with beta XP and finally the released version. It didn't matter which OpSys I had going. I know Java sucks but it should at least work. Go figure.
  4. As for QCharts I tried it once and found that it spent half the day switching servers between sunnyvale, boston and sterling. Nice software but the datafeeds were horrendous. The software was reliable, though, but who gave a sh*t when the screens would turn grey (no data) every few minutes??
  5. I use IB and Qcharts and apart from Qcharts down a few times a MONTH have never had any problems.

    IB + QCharts = Just Fine.

  6. I wonder where all this stupid Linksys NICs come from ?
    Is it the ISP (cable modem) that distributes them ?
  7. I verified the Linksys problem. I can't believe that this is a problem. My Win2K box would not run the TWS demo. I got the blue screen of death right after clicking on the Login button. The blue screen of death told me that it was the linksys driver. I relpaced the card with a Dlink and Wa-La. Having developed in java, I can't believe that this is a problem.

    Also, updating to the latest Linksys driver did not fix the problem.

  8. Yes, they have some drivers not compatible with Sun Java JRE.
  9. What I find really interesting is that my laptop is running a Linksys PCMCIA card and Win2k with no Java problems but the desktop choked with a Linksys PCI card.

    Maybe like someone said, it's the driver.

  10. fyi - IB has stated that Linksys and 3Com network cards are not compatible with TWS.
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