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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trend_guy, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. The only thing I really like in Qcharts is their Hotlist feature. It makes it very easy to quickly click and chart the top 100 gainers/loser, percent gainers/losers, unusual volume stocks etc.

    Does anyone know of another real-time charting service that offers this? It just wouldn't be effiecient to start typing all the symbols, much easier just to click on a symbol and get a chart fast.

  2. I have noticed that Barchart.com has a similar feature called FlipCharts but their charting is very weak and they don't have real-time data.
  3. The closest I've seen is RadarScreen on Tradestation. Esignal has implied they "may" improve their scanner, but so far those have been hollow words.
  4. How is Tradestations data feed? Can you flip through the symbols rapidly seeing the charts?
  5. You may want to look at Stockwatch Pro. It can filter the hot lists by your own defined criteria and you can bring up a chart fast just by clicking the symbol. It uses your Q chart data feed. I find it very handy for my method. At first it is confusing. But I'm very confusible.
  6. for stockwatch Pro, I still have to use Qcharts anyway.

    Any other suggestions?
  7. Pristine's ESP combined with Realtick can do some pretty cool stuff.