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  1. qcharts is now offering a free trial. anyone who wants a free trial to qcharts send me your email address and i will forward it on to them. they are offering me a free month for anyone i refer who signs up. i use qcharts and although they do have occasional short term data problems i think overall it is best value out there for quality of charts and ease of use. vhehn
  2. Their data is crap. And their list of problems has been growing for over 2 years. Maybe someday some real management will take over this company.
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    To me this sounds like the beginning of the end for QCharts. I'm probably not the only one who ditched them because of constant data outages.

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    I'm sure Esignals recent improvements have hurt them.
  5. They've got an ad in one of the trading mags - all you have to do is call them and tell them you're using their promotional code "tryqcharts" to get the free trial.
  6. What are esignals recent improvements if I can ask? How is their CME data reliability?
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    Their drawing tools have been greatly improved. The interface is better.
  8. How is the lag on ES compared to Tradestation? I've read a lot of good opinions on Esignal. Ultimately, the data speed is paramount though. Does it beat TS?
  9. Yes Esignal looks real good . They just need to get a "Hot list" equivalent scanner built in to the platform and they are good to go.

    I see TS now has a "Hot List" scanner built in also. Unfortunately it sounds like their data lags on the futures side.
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