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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by BA_Trader, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Anyone else have their data feed freeze on them around 1500?

  2. msprofitable

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    My ES is ok on Esignal but the SP feed is dead.
  3. I have both the ES and NQ frozen.
  4. msprofitable

    msprofitable Guest

    Back to normal now.
  5. Thank you Qcharts for putting a cloud directly over the BO.


  6. Doesn't seem to have been qcharts - reportedly the CME market data network feed stalled for about 10 minutes starting at 3pm.

    That seems reasonable since the charts for the YMs did not stall but it looks like all CME data did.

    Isn't 3pm when the CME shifts some Globex contracts (like EC and BP) to the next day?? Maybe some technician goofed.
  7. nkhoi


    both qchart and esignal froze form 11 to 11:30 I think
  8. I seemed to be getting good data on IB during the 'blackout'

  9. ZooVan


    I had ES and NQ frozen from Qcharts also, but not IB.
    If something wrong with CME, why IB remain OK?
  10. alanm


    Most exchanges, data vendors, and brokers have multiple different quote feeds, order management systems, and network connections. It's possible for any of those systems or connections to go down and affect some brokers or data vendors while not affecting others.
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