qcharts dead?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Free Thinker, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. is qcharts dead for anyone else today. it says forced logoff because you are logged on from another machine.
  2. monkfish


    I have same problem.
  3. perr


    same problem here. logged off
  4. Quah


    Are you guys trying to use the livecharts $9.95 feed to feed a third party charting app?
  5. perr


    yes, i been using this feed.
  6. i figured out a way in. go in and change your password and it works.
  7. perr



    tired the change, still not getting in.
    good idea.
  8. Quah


    I dont think you were ever supposed to be able to use the $9.95 feed to feed third party apps. Maybe they closed the hole?
  9. I always hear Qcharts have broblems, then why
    they don't lower their rate $79 excluding exchange fees?

    Does it mean Qcharts have better feature or as good as
    #10     Jul 17, 2003