QCharts Dead

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by futurecurrents, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Well just when I was starting to think QCharts has gotten better my charts freeze at 9:50, nasdaq stocks.

    Looks like they just came back at 10:20 est with a hole in data. Maybe the weather in the northeast is too cold for them.
  2. Try SierraChart. It works with IB data feed. You need to be IB's customer though.
  3. It looks like there was a blackout on a feed somewhere because yahoo and big charts also have holes. Maybe I can't blame QCharts?


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  4. According to Qcharts network status page there was an outage of Nasdaq data from 9:51 and 10:22 and they're going to have to try to obtain the data they didn't receive and fill the gap in the data.

    No indication about reason for outage.
  5. Thanx for reco. Did SierraChart have any problems with nasdaq stocks this morn? There is still is a hole in my charts. I'm an IB customer so this might be great backup.
    Anyone have uninterrupted nasdaq data feed this morning and what were you using? TIA
  6. Thanx. I should check that page.


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