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  1. Just downloaded qcharts beta version Don't see a whole lot new, except for a feature called fib time lines. Works like fib price lines, except works on the other access. I've dabbled with elliot wave and the such but never heard of anything like this. Anyone care to explain what the idea is behind this. Thanks
  2. Man I can't spell lately. Meant "axis", not "access".
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    If you're asking what the idea is behind the fib plotting for time, those I've seen that use Fib for time do so identically as if they were using it for price. If, for example, the time from a major high to a major low was 28 trading days, they might expect a retracement to not only go a certain percent back in price, but to do so on say the 10th or 11th (.382) trading day after the low, or the 14th/15th maybe for a .5 retrace in time, etc. When they see a key fib price cluster being hit on a key fib date cluster, they pay a lot of attention for potential trading opportunity.

    As far as that being the only major change in the beta, hardly worth a beta version just to put that out....hope there is some more to play with than just that.

    Where can I download the version? the link from the quote.com homepage doesnt seem to download anything at all.
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    Thanks for the link
  6. Hey bundle,

    If you go to the thread by Quah "Something Very Simplistic" I think it is called, he lists the fib times for a 1 minute chart. The post doing so is one of the first in the thread. Plus, I imagine from that if you search "fib times" it will lead you there also.

  7. Thanks all for your help