QCharts and the screwed up NYMEX data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by ChiBondKing, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Anyone else experiencing this now?

    I know eCBOT is down now as well, so YM and the tsys aren't updating..

    My Crude oil shows a net gain of +643.98

    Unless a nuke went off somewhere, what the hell is going on with NYMEX crude data on QCharts? Geeze!
  2. you should see the comex overnight quotes

    its like nasdaq 99 ... silver 13.20000000

    I have to email them in the am to remind the
    tech crew to do the fix again

    ( oops maybe your qcharts is ok ... I use live charts
    tonight ... maybe same data feed (?)

  3. ktm


    Last week I posted here about oil prices being $7 a bbl in QCharts. Last night it was $714 a bbl. Someone was trading in automated fashion using QCharts I think. I just don't see how.
  4. Seth-

    Yeah, my Crude quotes were f*ed.... I think they all use the same feed, just different front-end...

    To the other poster, I use Quote.com for automated systems stuff (through Wealthlab) and this is quite frankly.. scary as all hell LOL :D

  5. ktm


    My June oil (CL06M) was going off on QCharts for 73 cents a bbl earlier. Wish I could get some of that!!!!