Qcharts and futures in the time of big changes

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lojze, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. lojze


    I see, that generally, Qcharts are VERY slow in the first 30 minutes of trading day and generally allways, as futures move really quickly. I noticed this, as I have also QuoteTracker with IB data feed.

    Fellow traders, please answer two questions:

    1. Is Qcharts really that slow and IB really so quick and perfect?
    2. Is the best to move from Qcharts? Which one is then quickier and better too?

    Please provide some ideas.

  2. sammybea


    I hate to bash Qcharts over and over on ET.. But this is a great platform for newbies. You will not find any program with a neat layout and nice colors. However, its garbage if you try to make money with it since it lags in active markets. I have esignal and CQG and don't have those problems at all.

    For me data integrity is far more important than pretty colors. But to each his own.

    And IB quotes may seem excellent but place them side by side to a real charting service used by the pros, then it doesn't seem that incredible anymore.
  3. qcharts definitely lags the market at times.
  4. lojze


    What is CQG?

  5. le140


    The one thing that qchart got that esignal doesnt have is the hot lists. Esignal claimed that they have the scan that is similar to the hotlist. There is no comparison when it's time to trade. If u know what to look for, all your setups are from that list.

    Most people dont know where to look to find the right stocks to trade. Here's the secret: All stocks that move are in this Hotlist. That is my contribution to ET :)

    and so this is the main reason for me to stay with qchart.

    Also if u just setting it up, it's a piece of cake compare to Esignal.

    as for the lagging of data, it's not that big of a deal when your broker data is correct. U just base on that price. If u cant win by seeing small price lagging on your realtime data feed then u should not be in the game.
  6. This is a very stupid remark, I hope you realize that.

    TM Trader
  7. le140



    I am the guy that is buying give or take a few cents of 300 shares block from u. But it's not really true though, most of the time I use my broker for the exact no. But sometimes it's still not good enough. Anyway it';s not a big deal to me anyway at 300 shrs block :)

    Just dont take away my hotlist.

    happy trading,