QCharts and Esignal combo

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Zarrar, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. Zarrar


    Lately there has been a wide curiosity as to the use of QCharts and Esignal together and the significance of Esignal. I'd like to post what I have already send to many of you:

    I use two services, QCharts and Esignal, plus I use Omni Trader, which so far is less than what i expected, maybe i need to configure it in a certain way. QCharts is used
    mainly to see point losers, winners, volume gainers, largest gap producers, and much more to give you a sense of whats happening in the market(s). Esignal is used to pinpoint the actual price that you're going to enter in the trade order.

    Why Esignal, because it shows the bid/ask on the tick chart. For example, most data feeds even QCharts, shows the price that was traded, and trades get executed outside of the bid/ask range. Lets say that the bid/ask price is + - 40, but the chart shows that trades are being made at above 40 for buy executions, and below 40 for sell executions. Most nmarket orders showup well beyond the bid/ask zone. Sometimes there's a lot of panic selling, so the chart would show that the price is dropping, or that a downtrend is taking place, when in reality its just the lower priced sellers who show up on the chart. During such downside or upside panic, the actual bid/ask price that is available to you for execution is not dislayed. And this bid/ask zone is a lot less exaggerated that what is shown on the chart.

    Esignal displays this bid/ask price along with the executed trades. One can discern between real price movement and simple panic trades. The combination of the two data feeds really offers a clearer picture.