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  1. The new version(6.03) is killing me, does anyone have the download for 6.02? 6.03 is slower, when you do pairs it rounds them to the nearest dollar, plus a few other problems.
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    In our testing and based on the feedback from many of our users that 6.0.3 has sped up the performance dramatically for them. This is actually the first report I've seen that has said 6.0.3 was slower than 6.0.2. Of course, this isn't to say that you aren't experiencing this, but it just makes me curious about how you may be using QCharts differently to experience this behavior. I would encourage you to visit our active QCharts community at the following link and post the details of what you are seeing, and if possible post your workspace and a screenshot of what you are experiencing.

  4. Pairs trading is what I use it for.

    If you do a formula, say KO - PEP on a 5 min you dont get a correct scale. It rounds the price scale to whole dollars. So for KO - PEP for 4/14 the prices are either -6 or -7. The setting forcing 2 decimals place does not work.

    This problem had not existed in the previous 6.02 version.

    I included a pic of what I am talking about.
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    Todd I.

    Entering the spread with parenthesis, does show greater percision in 6.0.3

    (KO - PEP)

    Attached are 2 charts entered into 6.0.3:
    First is entered as KO - PEP
    Second is (KO - PEP)
  6. Using () doesnt work either. Here is an example.

    Also pull up quarterly data of a few symbols and see if it look right to you.

    No one has the 6.02 install lying around?
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    start, search, for file & folder, all file and folder, type in setupqchart, search.

    with luck you may find the old setup version.
    ps. check your PM.
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    Todd I.

    I see what you mean.

    I just put in the symbols a couple of times and it seems as though I'm getting consistent results basically entering the symbol a second time.

    For example I had closed all my windows and hit the new chart icon (the symbol rig - do was the last symbol I had entered so it was still displayed in the expression toolbar). Hitting the new chart window once had no decimal places, hitting it again produced decimal places.

    If I entered a new symbol on a chart, the first time would have no decimal places, the second time produced decimal places.

    In the screenshot I clicked the new chart icon twice the first one was the chart on the left the second one produced the chart on the right, I didn't actually do anything but hit the icon and move the charts for the screenshot.

    I'll report this finding too.

    I found the 6.0.2 download on the beta forum:
  9. Thanks for your help, I hope they will get the problems fixed