Qcharts 4.2 problem

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  1. Any ideas? I downloaded the new 4.2 after cleaning out 4.1 and it won't run. After login I get an error message regarding MFC42.DLL and KERNEL32.DLL. I tried to download again, but the link to down load is screwed up? Great way to start a new week!
    Any suggestions or info apprecitated.
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    Mike Condra posted this to the Silicon Investor thread. So much for thorough beta testing. Yet another QCharts fiasco. They just can't get it right.



    To:Chris Cooper who started this subject
    From: Michael Condra Sunday, Apr 7, 2002 7:03 PM
    Respond to of 15540

    Requesting you NOT download or install QCharts 4.2. A serious issue has been reported; we will reenable the download link after it's understood and resolved.
    At this time, we believe there may be a workspace compatibility problem with previous (beta, non-beta) builds, that can lead to a crash when loading a workspace 1) at startup, or 2) after saving a workspace. Other possible causes have not been excluded.
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    You guys just saved me a giant migrain, thanks for the alert, sorry you had to go thru it.
  4. Thank you very much for the info, I guess there is a reason Realtick is $250 and people gladly pay for it. I'll be calling them Monday.
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    use this beta version it install itself in new folder, no messing
    around with your old folder, then use beta to open your old work
    space to experience the the new features
  6. Thanks Nkhoi!

    For some bizarre reason Qcharts removed the beta from the site and I (stupidly) deleted the old version, so I had nothing. The beta works great.
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    glad to help :D :D :D
  8. This is my personal opinion about Beta versions:

    1) It's a TEST version

    2) They have bugs and may crash your system

    3) NEVER use it to replace your previously working version

    4) Most beta releases come with a warning that highly recommend users not to uninstall their previous release versions and hightly recommend users to install it in a different directories.

    Note: Most users ignore opinion #4

    5) It's designed and released as a Beta version so users can tell the software folks what's wrong with it so that the software folks can fix the problems before the final release.

    I have 2 previously working QCharts versions (they work great) and the current Beta 4.2 (causes to many system problems...but fun to play around with)...ALL installed in different directories.

    Note: I test all beta stuff on days when I'm not trading or finish trading and I highly recommend those using Beta version software from any developer to truly understand what the purpose of Beta releases.

    Thus, many users of QCharts Beta program should re-read information about such releases:


    Therefore, too many traders treat their software like their trading....they get rid of what works for something untested or new.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    I have treid 4.2 and the improvements are not worth the upgrade compared to the features they have changed or withdrawn from its operation. Yes there are some new added features, however, instability of this new program is the ver reason why I would not bother with it. Stick with the previous version and you should not have any troubles

  10. I believe they are making this upgrade mandatory(once they actually figure out how to make it operate without crashing).
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