Qcharts 4.1, IB tws. Excel and IE

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by just21, Apr 30, 2002.

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    stevet, that's true, the software needs to be written for it. However, the OS itself is optimized for multi processor (it's a special version) so it is much faster.
    Also multithreading software will benefits either directly or through the OS optimizations.

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  2. just21,

    Is it possible (actually it is possible) to upload a screen image of your normal QCharts workstation or a copy of the workspace itself.

    Screen shots of any problems will be good also.

    I had almost a similar situation awhile ago and it mysteriously dissappear when I deleted the Qcharts workspace[/b] and rebuild it (took about 5 mins).

    The problem suddently went away.

    Qcharts is such a sensitive program...sometime simply starting a new workspace clears up a lot of stalling issues when its not server issue related.

    Currently, I'm testing eSignal and comparing it to QCharts. I may post the results here at ET along with "screen shots" of problems in either program.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    would be interesting to have a comparison of Qcharts, esignal and RealTick from an experienced intraday trader - one who is a high volume trader - more interested in multiple entry signals - than obscure analysis - in other words how good is the software to work with quickly in a changing market
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    I've redone the layout and so far no problems. Was not able to upload .qcw or the screenshot.

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