Qcharts 4.1, IB tws. Excel and IE

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    I am running qcharts 4.1, Ib tws, Excel and internet explorer on a dell 420 workstation, dual 600 mhz processors, 512mb rdram, matrox g400 max dual screen, win2k. I have the qcharts spread across two screens but am getting slow screen updates even after doubling the amount of ram when I close a tws window that is on top of qcharts. What do I need to get this to run at an acceptable speed?

  2. What is your CPU % usage on each CPU? Most of the time screen redraw is the SLOWEST activity. Maybe your video card is causing the slowdown (since RAM didn't do anything and you *should* have plenty of CPU with your setup). Have you got any hardware conflicts in Device manager? Is your video set to full hardware acceleration in Display Settings Advanced?

    I had an ethernet card go bad on me once (took me months to diagnose) that caused a machine to run slowly. I also had good results with putting in faster video cards in other machines. Not sure if the g400 is supposed to be a screamer or not.
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    While Matrox cards are dual head, the RAMDAC on the second channel is 50% slower than the primary channel.

    Do you have these problems when you are only using one monitor?
  4. What makes you think there is a hardware issue? You have serious overkill in terms of hardware, provided it's all working properly. When you say slow updates, are you getting a delayed data indication on QCharts or do you have trouble changing workspaces or what? Most likely the problem is a bad internet connection, probably beyond your ISP's control. Try using tracert or changing QChart servers and see if it improves.
  5. Sorry, I reread your post and it sounds like you are saying the portion of QCharts that was under TWS doesn't redraw quickly. That sounds like a resource issue. I can say from experience that Bullfighter is very good at solving this kind of problem.
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    CPU usage is getting up to 75%. The ethernet card has a red x on it but is not in use. No other conflicts. It is sometimes slow to activate the window I am pointing at in qcharts. Could the slow scren redrawing be a java issue with tws?

    thanks for your help
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    Hardware acceleration is set to full.
  8. just 21,

    QCharts is frequently slow to fill in data on a workspace when you call it up, probably because of server queing. It sounds like you have more of a problem than that however. Are you getting a delayed data light on the QCharts? Also, what kind of internet connection are you using? Do you only have the problem when TWS is running? Sorry I can't be more of a help but I can say your system is more than adequate for these programs if it's functioning properly.
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    I only get white spaces with tws windows being slow to refresh back to qcharts when they are minimised. Sometimes in qcharts it is slow to make the window I point to active and blow a window up to fullscreen. I have enabled the network card that was disabled. I will see how that goes.

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    i have understood that a dual processor is only of value - when you have a program written specifically to work with it ?

    also - have you tried just opening one program at a time - even just trying Q charts on one screen etc - till you can isolate where the slowdown comes in?
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