Qchart Front End/IB Data - Think it will ever happen?

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  1. Qchart Front End/IB Data - Think it will ever happen?

    Qcharts has the best front end I've ever used. I wonder If ESignal would ever create a subscription for their front end only?

    I really don't want to look at a secondary data source from the one I'm trading off. Perhaps just add an option to switch feeds from ESignal. Therefore no lost revenue to ESignal?

    Just putting it out there for ESignal mgmt to think about.

    P.S. IF they could run market scanner data through Qchart Hotlists that would be perfect.:D
  2. Doubtful. ESig's business is selling data. Why would they want to let you get it for free from IB? If they charged the same price, why hassle with the integration?

    The real question is why didn't IB buy QCharts? That combo would have been unbeatable.
  3. Petterfy is a "do-it-yourself" kinda guy.
  4. zastro


    IB data isn't that good. Just compare with others and you will see.

    and QCharts has a great frontend: if its 1999.
  5. I agree... QCharts/IB combo is hard to beat. I just hope that Esignal continues to support QCharts.
  6. what front end do you think is better?
  7. Example of IB data not good?
  8. zastro


    I would say today's best platform front-end is TradeStation. In fact, multicharts copied it pixel for pixel.

    TradeStation as a platform has many issues (data and broker reliability), but the look and functionality is near the top of retail platforms.
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    Don't take my word, just do a search on ET. IB data is unreliable and error-prone.
  10. IB data isn't perfect but trading off a data feed other than the broker's makes no sense to me. IMHO of course.:cool:
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