QChart features needed in ESignal

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  1. Obviously Esignal has QCharts reliability beaten.

    Now they need to add a few missing features that makes QCharts' software superior to Esignal.

    1) I looked at the Esignal Market Scanner but it is far too cumbersome and not dynamic enough to track the market simply.

    I'd like to see Esignal add some functionality similar to QChart hotlists such as Trade Rate Hotlist to their Quote Sheets within their basic platform. If they wanted to improve on QChart Hotlists they could add a capability to only show/filter stocks within the hotlist that pertain to specific sectors, groups, or other criteria such as price volume etc.

    2) Also, I'd like to see more filtering possibilities within the Quote Sheets such as % in range. QCharts seems to have many more options in this regard.

    Any other features missing in Esignal from QCharts??
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    Does it? I've heard that Esignal can not always collect as many ticks for Eminis. Also, I have no problem with Qcharts reliability. Granted I don't use Qcharts charting application, I use the Qfeed data feed with about 20 symbols and have no problems.
  3. CndTrader,
    I agree with you that a better scanner could be an interesting thing, even CyberTrader have it in standard in their package, why not eSignal ...

    For the quotesheet, this is why some users have request to have EFS programming inside quotesheet, at this moment we will be able to have our own formula inside each cell if we want without to request some addition. RavenQuote (now ErlangerQuote) have a nice concept about the sheet that could be interesting to see inside eSignal, these concepts are personnal programming cell, plug-in cells with graphic and cell indicators.

  4. Out of luck in 7.2.

    maybe 7.3??
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    QCharts provides 1 full year worth of intraday data, eSignal provides a pathetic 60 days. It's very tough (some might suggest impossible) to backtest strategies when you can barely go back.... :eek:
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    Hopefully that will change with the purchase of S&P Comstock. At least one would think so.
  7. 1) The hotlists in ESignal TOTALLY SUCK ASS

    2) The time and sales windows in esignal TOTALLY SUCK compared to quote.com's -

    -you can't filter by volume with esignal
    -you can't export them in esignal
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    These are all interesting ideas. The timing is good as we are starting work on the next release.

    I can speak on one of them, we have been working on adding more intraday data. The new server software is being testing in the lab now. It will be rolled out into production in the spring. It will launch with one year of more intraday data when it goes live.

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    Qcharts intraday data goes back to fall 1997.

    More like 5+ years of intraday data. FWIW
  10. Could this be 5.0? You guys having been promising this, and moving the release date for at least 6 months. Every time I call tech support I ask about this, and they ALWAYS say in "about a month".

    I am looking forward to this very much as supposedly it will also have continuous futures data. I am getting a little frustrated as to when we will see it though.

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