Qatar in talks over stake in largest Greece lender

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  1. The Qatar Investment Authority is in talks about taking a strategic stake in National Bank of Greece, the eurozone country’s biggest lender.

    People familiar with the discussions say the Gulf state’s sovereign wealth fund, via its unit Qatar Holding, would acquire about 5-7 per cent of NBG, about €250m ($304m), in line with an investment policy of buying stakes below 10 per cent in financial institutions.

    Quatar seems on a buying spree...
  2. When foreign investors "eye" other foreign institutions.......yada, yada, yada....SELL! :eek: :D
  3. Hum, JP Morgan rated National Bank of Greece "sell" lately. With other words : strong buy. :p :cool:
  4. drcha


    Anyone remember the 70's, and all the fear of Japan taking over the world, buying up everything in the US?

    This could be our only chance, for the 2nd and 3rd world to come in and bargain hunt. Otherwise we are staring into the abyss, as they say.

    The western world (and I include Japan here) has had its day in the sun. It will be someone else's turn to be ascendant now. Westerners will have to learn to live with that.

    It is the way of the world. The obese and lazy who think they are entitled to everything will be replaced by the young, hungry, and ambitious. Which is as it should be.

    The attitude of our so-called leaders reminds me of my dear pet. She used to try to bag birds and squirrels, tear the legs off of any insect who dared to show itself in the house, and generally kick ass. After all these years of treats, petting and indulgence, she just snoozes all day, her plump little body spilling onto the pillows of the king size bed, and commences meowing if the food dish is not brimming full or if her neck is not being scratched enough. Lucky for her, there is no end to the stimulus packages available here. It's going to be all tuna treats and cream until her number is up.

    The rest of us ought to know better.
  5. It's a "good" thing that you are not Vietnamese nor Korean. :)
  6. drcha


    Yes. I would not even have to baste her.