'Q3 2012 US forex traders profitability report' - winners v losers

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  1. fxcm..... hmmm funny how they are at the bottom of the list.. lots of losers there..
  2. attached is 3 reports, Q4/09 , Q1/11 and Q3/12 :
    Q1/11 from: 'winning traders: from + 23.5% up to + 39.9% profitable'
    and the first report Forex Magnates published - Q4/09:
    for instance in 09/10: Oanda reported about 50/50 thru 4 Qs while FXCM about 25/75

    broker and total client capital by broker:

    also found 'Top 100 Forex Traders Statistics' by Oanda for last 24hours, and 7 days:

    so, client profitability seems to be Very variable, tho the Why isn't known
    abattia just posted ' "Going nowhere fast" (article about Hedge Funds)':
    and from the article:
    "There are, of course, market-beating superstars, as you would expect in an industry
    with nearly 8,000 participants (and rising). The top decile of managers has served up
    returns of over 30% in the past year, according to Hedge Fund Research, a data
    provider. But a third have lost money, including some of the stars of yesteryear: John
    Paulson, celebrated as an investment wizard in 2007 for having foreseen America’s
    housing bubble, reportedly saw his flagship fund lose 17% in the first ten months of
    2012, after a 51% fall in 2011."

    I tried 'consistently profitable' in Search and it turned up 4,238 topics in 170 pages !!
    more manageable, Search set to 'threads' turned up 15 topics, two selected:
    'How to become consistently profitable':
    and most posts: 'Consistently Profitable Day Traders':
    google: consistently profitable traders ~ 'About 8,050,000 results'