Q2 earnings plays

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nillionaire, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Any recommendations for stocks that could plunge or skyrocket after their Q2 earnings report?

    I will throw out one possibility:


    Apparently Wintek, one of Apple's big suppliers for iPhone/iPad parts, just reported poor sales numbers for June. An analyst covering Apple thinks it's no cause for concern because Apple's next generation iPhone won't be using the type of part that Wintek manufactures. But I'm not so sure - the next generation iPhone hasn't even been announced yet, plus Apple will still be selling the current iPhone 4S long after the iPhone 5 is released. Heck, Apple still sells the ancient iPhone 3GS model. So I wonder if Wintek's poor sales numbers could at least be partially due to poor sales of the iPhone/iPad? If so, then AAPL would be a good short prior to earnings.
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    I don't try to predict. I watch post-announcement reactions. Usually those 10% movers are a precursor to continuation when the volume comes into play after the open. You need a good broker like IB that shows good aftermarket quotes.
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    Can you give an example of what you would watch for?