Q2 coming to a close, Best Strategy

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  1. IMO is to be long US index futures.
  2. Perhaps mine ?
  3. So predictable. I would not be suprised if the Dow gets back to it highs, just 500-600 more points.

  4. Even more predictable? You posting on here when market is up. When we have a down day you and your fake trades are nowhere to be found. I wonder why we never see your little screenshot when the mkt is down????? If the mkt sells off, you will once again disappear. Where are you when the mkt is down? You are such a useless fool. Do us all a favor and leave. But this time , dont make a promise about swearing off this site, then come back.
  5. As I have stated numerous times I ONLY trade from the long side.

    Another jealous wanna be, whats wrong your shorts getting stopped out.

    I have noticed how I seem to get negative comments from new users, thats strange.

  6. You have a poor attitude, its obvious in all your postings. A warped frustrated person should never attempt to trade. My guess is you have failed and hate to see others succeed.

  7. Not at all. I am a successful currency trader. I dont trade equity products. I dont have a poor attitude at all. I just was reading through here and came across your hystercial rants on the other thread.....where you posted your credit score. LOL LOL

    Talk about a guy dying for attention. Guys like you are just so fake. Only posting winning trades. You arent real. Sure...the dow is up big today...congrats. What are you going to do when the mkt goes down???? Go read market wizards. All of the big time traders say the same thing. You must be able to trade both sides of the market. You sit and hide until the mkt goes up, then you come out and bring up old posts AFTER the mkt comes back.

    You are nothing more than a pair of clown shoes.

  8. Nice call mush.....a nice 50 point puke into the close...did you get short near the top? Oh.....thats right ..you dont know how to short....

    Too bad.....so sad.......you suck

  9. Prove your a successful currency trader, post your P/L, what currency is currently offering the best carry trade?
  10. Should have said what currency pair, is offering the best carry trade. Or maybe this talker trades currency futures. Talk Talk Talk with no proof what so ever.

    I find it amusing how I get so much flack from goons who talk about how big they are and how good they are but NEVER POST ANY PROOF WHAT SO EVER.

    They must be so jealous they cant see straight.
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