Q1 Ending today

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PAPA ROACH, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Greeting all ye fellow trading hoodlums. Today's closes in the various markets mark the Incentive Fee marks for many a hedge fund. The funds that stand to make windfalls are the commodity funds and especially energy.

    I am hearing from my counterparties that there is going to be alot of redemptions, which I believe is going to weigh heavily on the commodities.

    Interesting curve activity in natural gas today, heavy selling in the back end via strips all day, but the front was pumped hard for the settle.

    Also seemed to be a pre-redemption rush out of crude today.

    Wondering if there will be net redemption activity starting tomorrow in equity funds. There was no big incentive for bidding these up as they are all underwater fron Q4 mark to Q1 mark today.