Q: What's the difference between Israel and Ted Bundy?

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  1. A: Ted Bundy no longer kills women and children
  2. Another possible difference could be as follows:

    Mr. Bundy was arrested
    Evidence was collected and analyzed
    Mr. Bundy was charged according to the evidence
    Mr. Bundy was brought to trial, under the assumption that he was innocent until proven guilty.
    Mr. Bundy was found guilty by a jury of his peers.
    Judgement was rendered and the sentence was carried out.

    It would seem that in the case of Israel, the "sentence" was desired and formulated ages ago, and history is the attempted execution of that sentence, without the formalities of evidence or due process or assumption of innocence.

    Fire away.....
  3. what i'm really after, is freeing the American taxpayer, who got sentenced to supporting Israel unconditionally, 60 years served so far

    after the last 3 weeks, it can hardly be claimed to be a clear moral imperative that i owe israel anything

    (and why the hell would i have any guilt over 'The Holocaust'?!?, my family was part of the US military that RESCUED THEM)
  4. Fair enough......
    I would agree with your statement if ALL foreign aid was done away with.
    Otherwise, I believe that the USG receives, in technological benefits much more "bang for the buck" from Israel than any other aid recipient.
  5. definately get a lot of bang for the buck, problem is, it's the wrong kind of bang

    like more enemies

    and it's bullshit that i owe israel unless i can line by line defend all other foreign aid, (which by the way, i'm also against)

    a gift to another nation, does not construe an obligation to israel

    our unconditional support of Israel is a world of logical falicies and lies
  6. I was not speaking militarily, but the USG has benefited in that arena also, but the advances in water management techniques, computer science, power generation, etc., the research list is really quite extensive.
  7. get the same thing in my midwestern university town, and we actually pay US taxes

    and my town does not create enemies for the USA (or kill women and children)
  8. Your economic points are certainly valid
    Maybe the answer then, is to eliminate all foreign aid.
  9. The "bang for the buck" is a big NEGATIVE number. USG loses technological benefits because Israel steals them and spies on USG, and then passes the information to China for a price.

    You are just a propagandist zionist and a liar.

    Israel is a BIG burden on the american tax payer.

    USG has to start charging them for arms, planes, and any piece of hardware. The reason why Israel murder babies, children, and women using these arms is because they do not pay for them. Time to start charging them.
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