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Discussion in 'Trading' started by machine, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. machine


    I'm trying to figure which stocks would be better for intraday scalping/momemtum trading with 3000-5000 shares lot.
    Requirements for stocks:
    1.Liquidity - at least 5 mil shares a day but no more than 20 mil,
    2.Volatility - nice intraday range,
    3. Price - $7.00 - 27.00.

    I know that I could look for this info on nasdaq site but I'd prefere to hear what people think.
    What are your favourites?

    P.S. I trade NVDA for the last 2 month and I like it but sometimes it does nothing - there's where my question's come from.
  2. Pabst


    You should

    1. Only trade through a Prop firm,preferably Bright
    2. Trade listed NYSE
    3 Use MOO orders
    4. Do some pair trading to jack up commissions
  3. machine


    Thanks, but that didn't answer my question:(
  4. psft altr nvls isil vrts brcm
  5. Also you might try msft,qcom,ebay,erts,expe,klac and qlgc.
  6. KLAC
    CCMP (spreads can vary on this one - be careful)

    Don't worry about price - the above will be within 7.00-27.00 before long :D
  7. I vote for QLGC also.
  8. Run a filter on any decent software system-it will spit out all the stocks you asked for.
  9. CCMP can be a real ride, sometimes moving 3 points in 1 day as opposed to a point or so with the others. But I won't pay that f**cken 20-cent spread that many times shows up.
  10. SteveD


    Why no more than 20M in volume?
    #10     Sep 3, 2002