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  1. You say your party is built on hard work and earning everything you have. So why do you continue to back candidates who have everything handed to them because they won the ovarian lottery? If you really support these things, why back a guy who was a C student, had everything given to him because of his father, was handed a spot in the National Guard which he didn't even bother to show up for? Or your current candidate who was at the bottom of his class, got to where he was because of his father, and married into money after divorcing his wife (great family values there!) I'm just curious because while these 2 SAY the right things, their actions speak a different tune. How can you philosophically support these people when they do all that you are supposedly against? Wouldn't you rather support candidates who are self made and came from nothing? Why is there so much cognitive dissonance in the Republican/conservative mindset?
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  3. LOL... Obama was backed by George Soros early on, won his first election by getting all the other candidates removed from the ballot, bussed "park bench" voters from Iowa to Illinois to shove an electable candidate, Hillary Clinton, off the stage, attended a Church where the pastor hated America for decades, has a philosophy of grand theft where he "spreads the wealth around" [buys votes iow], has spent half a Billion dollars on his campaign, not counting whatever goes from MoveOn.org [Soros again] to the over 500 organizations that support him.... and you are worried about how Republicans are too wealthy or something...
  4. You proved my point. This thread doesn't have anything to do with Obama, it has to do with the republican thought process. Please attempt to answer the question without using "Obama"
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    He did. You asked how Republicans can back candidates who...blah, blah, blah. His answer makes perfect sense - because the alternative candidate is MUCH worse! [​IMG]
  6. How does that explain how McCain won the PRIMARY? If I was a republican, he's the last candidate I would have picked in the PRIMARY. A real republican would have backed Ron Paul. He actually supports IN ACTION AND DEED the republican platform. The question stands unanswered.
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    Who cares about the primaries now? We're only days from the election, and based on the criteria that you posted it is obvious who the lesser of two evils is - thanks for switching sides... [​IMG]
  8. "We're"? Did you forget that you're supposed to be Canadian, Gord?

    The Republican platform so far:

    Obama's friend. Obama's Pastor. Obama's relative. Obama knows somebody. Obama's shirt. Obama's flag pin. Obama Obama Obama
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    It's only a few days from the election in Canada too dimwit.

    (Again the paid Obama troll strikes with a post that is completely irrelevant to the topic of the thread... [​IMG])
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