q charts vs e signal.....what the ?!

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  1. I' ve got q charts and e signal side by side on the same intraday charts of HELE and TKTX and they are different in both volumes and price. Really different. Like on qcharts HELE breaks 30 in first ten minutes whereas esignal has it going up to 29 .15 and the volume on e signal is a fraction of that on qcharts. Funny thing is that I've noticed discrepancies with volume before where e sig showed the much higher volume on the stock. I thought it was the usuall suspect qchart data and was ready to write off q charts and just go with e signal. However today's data on esig on HELE and others looks very suspect. HELE gapped up big and e signal does not show the volume that should be there Now I don't know what to do. These differences can have a large effect on my system and it's profitablity.

    This trading shit is hard enough without having to juggle two quote providers and guess which one is right.

    I guess the question to ask is, which quote provider is the least wrong! I need a drink...
  2. It looks like e signal has no early morning data on these and some others no matter how I configure the time

    I hope this is a fluke with e signal as I like the integration with IB. But I like the sorting ability of q charts quote sheets.

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    I've noticed similar discrepencies on quotes comparing IB with Scottrade. Waiting for the genius who devises a way I can enter on one, click and drag the position over to the other, and sell it.
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    I agree. Someone once told me that a poor man is one who has two watches. (never know which one is right)
    hope things get better.
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    Esignal shows that HELE did not open until 11:00 am. Yahoo shows that it opened at the regular time. Looks like Esignal got this one wrong.
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    Thanks for the confirmation that I have'nt totally lost it.......yet.

    I don't suffer from insanity.... I enjoy every minute of it!
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    Esignal is developing problems for some reason. They had problems with intraday history a couple of times since the new year and now this. I can't say a thing about quote.com data other than I would be surprised if they were correct at any time!!
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    Just so everyone is aware, please see this announcement on eSignal Central for a detailed update about the recent data issues. We'll also be posting future updates to that page first, so you can use that to get a status update.
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    Nice to get a response, but these problems are with stocks not futures as it says in the annoucement.

    I'm glad to hear it is maybe just a new years' fluke.
  10. Somebody on this thread mentioned something about ib linking in with e-signal,could someone point me in the right direction how i can link it in?
    thank you
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