Q charts or eSignal ?

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  1. Been using QQL deluxe and perfectly happy with it. ESignal's replacement offer is lacking. It doesn't have the simplicity and versatility. For example, you don't have control over indicator panel sizing or complete indicator variables, and candle spacing is weird(on 60' charts there are blank spaces between days?). I just installed the eSignal package so I've only got 4 or 5 hours under my belt but it looks like I have to get their basic package and add advance charting to get equivalent software to the tune of 3x the QQL price. And then I can only hope the candles look like Q charts' and others. Plus while I'm at it, the 60' eSignal charts this weekend only go to 13:00 on 3 day charts--what happened to the end of the day(yeah I checked the time interval)and the zoom tool doesn't work. So, data feed reliability issues aside, I'd appreciate any feed back users can give me on the charting since there is no trial with Qcharts and the online documentation is poor. I like the look of QQL and Qchart candles so it may be a no brainer. My needs are simple-- easy to read, indcator pane sizeable charts with indicators that are fully adjustable. thanks anyone
  2. I am in the same boat, I went ahead and signed up for the QCharts, I was happy to find out that they prorated the bill for the first month, so basically I can try it for the remainder of the month for $30, and cancel if I don't like it, Esignal's trial for $39 is more expensive, but you do get a whole month to try it.

    There are several things I liked more in QQL, The alerts are less sophisticated in QCharts, no news alerts to boot. QQL's 1 2 3 sync buttons are more useful than QCharts sync button. QQL's candles are easier to read for me, I don't like the black outline on the QCharts candles, I don't see the point. Plus in QQL you had 4 representations of candles red filled, red hollow, green filled and green hollow, and in Qcharts you only can represent 2, red and green. QQL was easier to use in some ways, the software was set up to be user friendly, like pulldowns for watchlists, the time and sales had a quote bar, Qcharts shows the bids and asks on seperate lines in the Time and Sales window. The data window is toggled on and off in Qcharts, in QQL it pops up as you click on a candle.

    Qcharts does have a few advantages the weekly data is much better as it is real time, the interval for the minute charts can be set to any value. The Option data is much more complete but the option software itself is poorly designed IMHO.

    BTW, I also tried DTNIQ last week, if you have used QQL before, do not go there, it is junky software, the data feed may be ok but the software must have been designed by a computer challenged person.

    In the meantime I am sticking with QCharts, esignal is more expensive and the 500 symbol limit is a ripoff.

    After trying all this software, I can honestly say that QQL is backing out of a fight that it was winning hands down, tragic.
  3. Thanks Riesgo, yes I agree, Quicken blew it. I'd pay twice what I had paid to get it back. It worked and worked well and was user friendly.
  4. Well.. My first day with QCharts and I canceled it.. They are having problems with the QLink for excel. I kept getting bad stock and option data in my spreadsheets, they are aware of the problem and did not have an estimate for when it would be fixed. I canceled the subscription, and now I am trying Esignal.

    To my surprise, I must say, Esignal has come a long way, if only they made their advanced charting standard. But still even though it isn't a better deal than QQL, it beats QCharts hands down.

    Still ESignal needs to revamp the rest of their software to the level of their advanced charts, and up the symbol limit to 750. Once they do that they will be hard to beat. They need to look at how QQL handles their symbol watchlists and incorporate something similar.
  5. Riesgo, don't know what to say because after my first day with eSignal I'm seriously considering canceling. Lost connection 3 times in 2 hours--never lost connection with my broker or QQL which were up at the same time. Plus, the learning curve to get the layouts functional is steep--not user friendly or intuitive. I tried on line chat help and the guy was a real Bozo--said my problem was over his head(I didn't know I had lost connection at the time and nothing worked right--and when I asked about the indcator that said I was not connected he gave up and gave me a phone number to call)I'll give it another day, but right now doesn't look promising, unless something clics and no connection drop out tomorrow. I don't use excel like you--don't know the benefits. I'm using Advance charting by the way.
  6. Sorry to hear that, I got the advanced charting package with 500 symbols, plus options and futures.. I understand that the basic package without advanced charting has a maximum of 50 symbols, You might want to make sure that the reason you are losing connection isn't because you are overrunning the symbol limit (easy to do). I agree the software is not the easiest to get up and running, it took me 3 concentrated hours to set everything up including links to my spreadsheet. But now that everything is setup my biggest pain is merely watchlist management. As far as the data feed reliability, I haven't had a problem yet, but I've only had it a few hours. I will let you know if I run into anything.

    EDIT BTW By the problems you are describing in your first post it sounds like you are not using the advanced charts.. it sounds like esignals old charts.
  7. risego2002 said

    " In the meantime I am sticking with QCharts, esignal is more expensive and the 500 symbol limit is a ripoff. "

    You are kidding right ?? You track more then 500 symbols??

    I used Qcharts, it is probably the best software around but the feed is not reliable especially on heavy volume volatile trading days.

    E-Sig has the most reliable feed in the business.

    The new charts are very good anyone who complains is basically to picky.

    Another option is Nextrend , I also used them , lots of nice features.
  8. "most reliable"?

    based on what? compared to what?

    You should better take a more conservative approach in your assertion.
  9. Nope not kidding, I track lots of options in a spreadsheet. Different months, strikes, etc.

    I agree their feed was reliable in the past, and no problems yet.

    I am very pleased with the new charting, now they need to revamp the rest of the old software.
  10. Scitrader.

    I have used the following :

    Mb Trading
    Cyber Corp

    If that enough for me to make a decision as to the feed reliability??

    I think its more then enough . Other then Real Tick which costs a lot , E-signal has the best data feed.
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