Q-Charts data today?

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  1. Wow.. what a mess.. all my charts are not adjusted for a lack of trading on friday. Esp on the Eminis. Really screws up my indicators :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  2. Tea


    They did the same thing on MLK holiday - putting half day globex session on the holiday as a part of the regular charts.

    I sent them an email to move it "all sessions" so it doesn't appear on the regular charts as it screws up the chart. I'm thinking that they may have made a policy decision to include it???

    Email data@quote.com
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  4. jester

    jester Guest

    can anyone show me how to get "100 Tick Bar charts" for Q-Charts..I have a feeling these are NOT possible in Q-Charts as I cannot figure out how to do it, but I thought I would ask people smarter than me...any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  5. ktm,

    thanks, that is one confusing website. I have used QCharts for years and I can't find a damn thing on their site.
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  6. jester,

    You cannot get "continuous TICK" charts (candlestick nor bar charts) with QCharts...at least with version or lower.

    However, you can through software programs using QCharts QFeed.

    For example, test try NeoTicker from TickQuest. They have a free-trial and see if its suitable for your needs.


    More info on 3rd party vendors using QCharts data feed at


    Note: I've heard that QCharts will eventually offer "continous tick" charts...I'm still using their version.

    Thus, it's possible they may have released "continuous tick" charts in the latest version. A version I don't use nor have tested.

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  7. jester

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    Thank you SO much!!! Could I ask another question I am trying to program a simple study into Q-Charts and want to know if I can do the following;

    c=c1 or

    "close = close of 1 bar ago"

    Can I do this simple study in Q-Charts? ...anyone???

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  8. opm8


    I asked QCharts Support about this a couple of months ago and they said that it was on their list of popular suggestions. I had them add me to this list.

    If you want this eventual feature call them up and ask about it so that they know we're interested and may actually put it in.

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  9. jester

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    ...OK thanks for that piece of information. I will call and ask then to add that to their feature list too.

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  10. maxpi


    I've used Qcharts off and on for a few years. It is just wierd how their data is so unreliable at times. The software is just the best though if you are sensitive to how things "look and feel" which I very much am. I cancelled the sub a few months ago and I missed the charting program so much I had to start it up again. I've concluded that you probably will never be able to have everything you want in the way of data and charting from any one vendor, Qcharts excels in some areas where others fail badly and vice versa. I'm using Qcharts for research and watching markets during the day and Sierra Charts/Mytrack for the alerts based on technical indicators and Tradestation 2000 for system testing using he quote.com feed. I don't want to use Tradestation during the day because of hassles associated with storing data locally. Two cheap vendors is better than one cheap one. I could probably add Esignal to the mix for the more reliable data but they will not have the amount of intraday data that quote.com has for awhile. I think that eventually esignal will be the one provider that has it all. I don't know what their charting is like though, I've heard good things but somehow I don't think anybody will ever surpass that qchart program for user friendliness. Whoever wrote that in the first place just did an outstanding job during the design phase. Lots of software projects don't have a design phase, they just start coding their ideas, or they don't want to invest time and effort in the design phase and they short change it.

    My perfect trading, researching, etc. situation? Qcharts with all the technical indicators from Tradestation and alerts based on tech indicators, a direct feed from the exchanges, and a backtester that was as good to work with as Tradestation and 1000 times faster. How long will it be before that happens? Some other lifetime probably.

    The quote.com website is hard to navigate too, I do better using Google to find where things are on their website than going to the website and trying to navigate from there.

    Quote.com, ya gotta love em.

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