Q-Charts data today?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jester, Feb 14, 2003.

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    Did anyone data feed from Q-Charts stop today at 3:35 pm EST?

    Just wondering as I cannot seem to log into Q-charts server and my DSL line is fine.

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    Yep, it's down. Can't get on anywhere or to any server. Wonder if it will be down the entire 3 day weekend or just until after the market closes?


    Nice. Very nice.
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    THought it was just me.....ok well I'm done for the day good thing I was flat...

    take care..

  5. QCharts is obviously trying to alienate their remaining customers. Service has gotten worse over last few weeks with frequent freezeups in the morning. Their customer service is a joke, actually it's worse than a joke since their CS rep's are obnoxious f*cking assholes. BTW how do you find the page where they used to give you the status of QCharts? Wasted a bunch of time and couldn't find it.

    I have defended these guys previously but it's obvious you cannot rely on them as a stand alone data provider. for the whole friggin' network to go down with 45 minutes of trading left before a 3 day weekend is just unacceptable.
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    Today: Friday, February 14th Update at 10:55 EST.

    Some users are experiencing difficulty logging into QCharts. Our engineering staff is aware of the probelm and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

    We are proud to announce the release of QCharts 4.3. This version of QCharts can be downloaded at http://finance.lycos.com/home/qcharts/default.asp
  7. that link dont work
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    Sure it does, what are you drinking on the job? :D

    (actually I edited and took the period off the end. click on it now, it works.)
  9. got it figured out. got it downloaded. am very disappointed we still don't have pivots. seems like a simple thing to program.
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    I know, they put in all kinds of wacky stuff and leave out the basic stuff most traders would use. I like the Keltner Channels and being able to pick a server from a pop up menu (ctrl-alt-N).

    If Esignal had scrollable intraday data going back more than a couple of months I would probably switch. Until then, I don't know where else I could find an internet based charting package (they manage the data errors/splits etc.) with as good of a graphical interface as Qcharts.

    Reliability is certainly not a strong point - I could not be a scalper with this package.
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