q and a w a mastre of price action on rich living

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  1. ask me what u want to know on how it is to live w endless amount of money . a damn good social network. mesmorizing looks to make girls dribble fluid from their axe wound . while not to put lightly: also being a master of price action who can net 3 dollars on 2 cent risk trades.

    hopefully im not 2 grandeur. trying to stay modest

    its damn good to be king
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    Hey sissy boy, how about that sparring match you promised?
  3. Sounds good, I guess we'll wait till he arrives to ask him Q's.

    Thanks for starting this thread Cooolweb, any idea when the master of PA will show? What handle does he post under?

  4. Question: #1

    How did you become such a good trader in a short time and manage a decent amount of money?

    The answer is, I'm very smart, When I was small my parents paid $20,000 to genetically modify my genes, They chose the A L Q gene, meaning , ALQ is 3 types of smart gene,

    A rticulate
    L ogical
    Q intellgeince

    when put together, I was a very smat baby.Little know fact = but if u speak to me in swahili, I can speak back.

    Omalo Jona (means goodbye in swahili)
  5. So Cooolweb, are you sitting face to face with the master of price action or are you interviewing him by phone?
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    My questions for you then:

    1. - How come your English grammar sucks so bad and you can't construct a sentence properly?

    2. - Why do you keep changing handles? Do people keep putting you - on ignore and you have to adapt to keep fooling us?

    3. - Do you ever get out of mommy's basement and breathe the fresh air?

    4. - Have you ever gotten laid? Not with your hand, but with another individual? And as a follow-up, if not yet, do you think that once you pop that cherry that you'll be less of a big, swollen dick?

    5. - How long before you get tired of this site and move on to another one to pollute?

    6. - Are you older than 14?
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    What happened since then?
  8. Answers by the Master of Price action.

    1. My age is not 14.
    2. I have had sex one time with a real live person before. I believe it was a female.
    3. I was smart guy , who bears the golden arch embelem. Very few
    people bear this embelem, equivalent to the purple heart in the army.

    4. very close to the Master of price action, We can see each other face to face while standing in a bathroom.
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    The Adam's apple and bulge in his shorts didn't give it away?
    So, you work at McDonald's...
    ...and your gay.
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