Q about EB5 Investor Visa

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by syrre, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. syrre


    Is it possible to gain this without employing 10 people, or is this an absolute requirement?
  2. Bob111


  3. syrre


    Thanks, I will look more into it.
    I do not think its 50% higher unemployment rate tho.
  4. Bob111


    find some fat,unemployed chick and marry her. pretty much instant green card and citizenship after 3 years :p
  5. filozima


    Hi Bob

    Nice idea but for this also we need some intelligent:D
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    You should carefully examine the tax consequences of obtaining a US green card. You will be liable on your global income and may find it difficult or impossible to open accounts with various financial institutions around the world which don't wish to deal with reporting requirements newly imposed by the US government.
  7. LeeD


    That's good piece of advice. Media reports a small number of (exceptionally) well-off US entrepreneurs denounce US citizenship in order to get tax advantages for their overseas businesses.

    Consider that divorse in the US can be costly and an unemployed spouse of a high-earner may receive most of the common property + alimonies in a settlement.
  8. Bob111


    true! but! Prenuptial agreement! but in reality-yes, it would be hard to find honest person for this move. but not impossible.
    L1 is also decent option
  9. syrre


    Ok thanks, I am sure thats a valid point, but 90-95% of my activities will still be done through non-us companies no matter where I reside.
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