Python versus C++ Speed

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  1. I really like python ... as well as the other open source languages.

    If the project is solely my decision I choose open source solutions unless there is an overwhelming reason not to do so - which sometimes there is......
  2. Stupid 10 min rule:
    I should have added this (new version just out):

    OK. But first always check which tools/libraries are available. Huge differences sometimes! :)
  3. Actually the differences are not so huge ... most often similar technologies are available ... the huge difference is the cost ......
  4. You are right. I was thinking about open-source only.
  5. Same here. Everything will be Open Source technology but I will avoid Swing like the pest and look into Flash, VB or Cold Fusion if I need a dynamic GUI.
  6. Take a look at Qt.
  7. An interesting assertion about Swing:

    "Java Swing with 47% use, has surpassed WinForms as the dominant GUI development toolkit, an increase of 27% since fall 2004."

    I found it a bit hard to believe, but it doesn't seem unreasonable that there is some substance to the study and Swing usage to be increasing.
  8. Although GUI toolkits are of great practical importance, they are unrelated to the thread topic "Python versus C++ Speed".

    It is obvious that there is no match under Java for the speed/math tool points touched upon here.
    In passsing, quickly on GUI's:
    Looking further into something like matplotlab also will show you the unbelievable cross-platform ability to relate to any GUI, wx, gtk, qt, glade, tk.
    As to IDE's under/for Python, quite some choice, even for Jython if you have to.
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