[Python] DeGiro code for algorithmic trading

Discussion in 'Programming' started by TX3321, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. TX3321


    Hi there,

    I've wrote code to engage in algorithmic trading on DeGiro; a very cheap discount broker. The code performs a login and can execute trades. That's it.

    If someone is interested in this code; please pm me :). If this sort of request is not allowed on this forum or in this specific part; please do lead the way where it is indeed allowed!
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  2. IAS_LLC


    put it on github, and link the project.
  3. MrSmith


    Hello TX3321,
    I would like to test your Python code for DeGiro. I started to write my own code and while gathering information I find your thread here in Elitetrader.
    Best regards from Germany,
  4. Hi! I would like also ti try tour Code? Where can I foune it? Thank you
  5. TX3321



    I've wrote the code myself and I will not distribute it freely on the webz. One of the reasons is that the code is very easy to use which is quite problematic if a lot of traders will use it. DeGiro will then simply change their API and all the work will be for nothing.

    If you have significant interest, pm me :)
  6. MrSmith


    Hi TX3321,

    I understand your concerns thoroughly.

    Unfortunately, I could not find a way to write a PM to you. This function seems not to be activated at my account. Could you write an PM to me providing an email adress, so that I be able to get in contact to you.

  7. Hi, I had the same problema. Could YouTube, please, Contact me?

    Thank you