[Python] DeGiro code for algorithmic trading

Discussion in 'App Development' started by TX3321, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. TX3321


    Hi there,

    I've wrote code to engage in algorithmic trading on DeGiro; a very cheap discount broker. The code performs a login and can execute trades. That's it.

    If someone is interested in this code; please pm me :). If this sort of request is not allowed on this forum or in this specific part; please do lead the way where it is indeed allowed!
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  2. IAS_LLC


    put it on github, and link the project.
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  3. MrSmith


    Hello TX3321,
    I would like to test your Python code for DeGiro. I started to write my own code and while gathering information I find your thread here in Elitetrader.
    Best regards from Germany,
  4. Hi! I would like also ti try tour Code? Where can I foune it? Thank you
  5. TX3321



    I've wrote the code myself and I will not distribute it freely on the webz. One of the reasons is that the code is very easy to use which is quite problematic if a lot of traders will use it. DeGiro will then simply change their API and all the work will be for nothing.

    If you have significant interest, pm me :)
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  6. MrSmith


    Hi TX3321,

    I understand your concerns thoroughly.

    Unfortunately, I could not find a way to write a PM to you. This function seems not to be activated at my account. Could you write an PM to me providing an email adress, so that I be able to get in contact to you.

  7. Hi, I had the same problema. Could YouTube, please, Contact me?

    Thank you
  8. Roosvp


    Hi TX, I'm also interested to use your code for personal use. If you find the time to PM me, please do so. Thanks,

  9. rmassip


    Hi @TX3321

    I'm also interested in this API for deGiro
    Would you be so kind as to write to me?

  10. tsgiannis


    I am more concerned about the programming aspect of your code..I am a learner in Python (being solid in other languages)...but all i find is simple scripts..if its a complete application it would be great if i could take a look.
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