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  1. Sarasota is not a spammer and is a damn good trader. He has been tearing it up for a long time now, which I am guessing is even before he started talking to you. Also you have to be careful of who you get your info from because there are numerous posters on this board that sit at their "real job" claiming to be traders and come on to ET to purposely cause trouble. I am guessing it is because they are jealous they can't make any real money trading so it is easier to target the ones that are. There are plenty of real spammers on this board that are pretty blatant about it, yet I do not see many threads devoted to calling them out.
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  2. I do know Sarasota's not a complete fluke... as I said, I did have the chance to go through quite a few PMs with him and he knew what he was talking about. I agree that he knows how to use Pyrapoint well. Gann??? Not much... though he seemed struggling to go past Pyrapoint... That's where he came and asked me... and I did provide him with information and insights.

    Is he a spammer? Balda erased his post, he did admit it's the best thing that happened to him and I have negative mojo (LOL)...
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    As they say, caveat emptor. Do your homework. Would you buy a car without doing a test drive? There's plenty of information on pyrapoint out there, including the book by don hall, and this site which is a fairly thorough discussion of *one person's approach* to trading with pyrapoint:

    Sarasota's is another.
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  4. I have no problem with Pyrapoint... it's interesting... I'm just going to post what I find about them...

    Thank for the link... I'll read it...
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  6. OK... read some of the stuff... I read the Beanman's seminar thing and went through it and found a passworded link into TradersWorld Don Hall section....

    Read some of that wasn't in the original link in the tradersworld website...

    Well, here's a open advice towards how to go beyond it...

    My thoughts:

    1. The quite not but is Law of Vibration. It does utilize the matter but it's not quite. I would say it's a Sacred Geomteric Analysis. But they utilize it through Harmonic Relations of Sacred Geometry.

    2. Cycles. The concept of cycles are not there. This can be said with most Gann vendors. But through the Musical or Harmonical Evident in Sacred Geometry, the factor is briefly included. Simply, it's a proportionate relation of price and time.

    3. Gann's Spiral Chart or Square of Odds. It's using the significant 1/5 of the spiral. The next step to take out of the other 4/5 to look into are Gnomonic Growth of Squares within Law of Vibration. The initial concept of using Sq. of price is great.

    4. One after looking into Gnomonic Growth for Square are the other Master Charts. Look into 6 squares of 9 and Master 12. OK then look into 19x19 Squaring the Circle chart. Looked at that??? Where's 361 in Spiral... 9th square... 19... 9... 12... get it??? Well, if you don't, study... Remember "TIME"


    Brief thoughts on Pyrapoint... it's very simplified. It's better than Murrey... that for sure...

    It took Don 25 years (I'm 25... c'mon... self-taught too) for this??? I guess he stopped after figuring this out after a few years... he should have went further in depth... but I guess not...

    There are easier ways to figure the price square value. Kinda going around too much.

    Well, this is more Gann but not quite but is Gann...

    Bit more detail coming out after I take some time going into it... (I need to see the charts and make it for myself...)
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