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  1. It works for those who know how to use it, just like any technical indicator. You can say the same thing about people who trade off of stochastics, MACD, Gann based trades, ect -- it works for some really well and does not work for others.
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  2. Dont you mean "It works SOME OF THE TIME for those who know how to use it" etc etc...
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    I have read the Pyrapoint and the Murrey math books and use neither. Pyrapoint is well written, MM is an incoherent 300+ pages( should be 10)).

    My impression is that there are way too many lines. Eventually the price is going to touch one....hey it works. The charts you see posted look great with the methods because they are hand picked after the fact. There may be some that look terrible, you dont see those. But then nothing works perfectly. Just not my thing.

    A very specific methodology and confidence on part of the user is also a factor, a huge one. If anyone is using these 2 methods and making money I respect them. If you mentally " own " the method you are using the chances of success are high.

    If I posted what I use, I am sure some experts would abuse me, but I know I would sit back and smile.
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  5. Normally I wouldnt be able to resist flaming anyone who said this, but u r held in such respect here surf, that I will suspend disbelief and ask you "which bits?"
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  6. why thank you, wappers. the parts of gann's work that i use to analyse, project, and trade the indexes are the ones that don't fit into gee's post. they work, shown by me in a public forum for over 3 years now. working consistenly equals reality atleast in a market/trading sense.


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  7. Can't argue with that, dude!
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  8. To: Optional777
    I would not consider any claims to be valid unless they are account statements.
    If someone claims that by applying fixed, mechanical ratios, angles or lines to a non mechanical price movement can predict foture price movement, I would not believe it either.
    I never seen one vendor of Gann or MM based stuff with posted real money trading results .
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